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Steelcase Leap vs. Aeron

Working hard in front of a computer daily? Spending 75% of your days facing the monitor? Either you are a programmer, designer, animator, writer, or anything else, you certainly need a place convenient enough to be occupied for a considerably long duration when doing your job. Steelcase Leap and Aeron by Herman Miller are two of the most popular ergonomic chairs at the moment that are designed specially for your needs. These two products are certainly of the higher price class. You must save your body from weariness and pain! Now, if you are ready to purchase either of the two, make sure that you make the right decision by continue reading the article.

Steelcase Leap vs. Aeron

Rest assured, both Steelcase Leap and Aeron by Herman Miller are offering the best premium quality of a chair. It is just that they are designed differently. Both are ergonomic chairs with a bunch of features and technologies, including lumbar support, arms support, and tilt limiter. Thus, they are offering exquisite comfortability. You can sit in either of the two chairs for long durations without as much issue as you currently have with your regular seat. However, Steelcase Leap and Aeron have different sharp edges.

Steelcase Leap has the better adjustability, while Aeron provides a more comfortable design. What is the difference? Those different aspects will affect your convenience too in the end, and the matter is which one that you value better. With Steelcase Leap, you can sit in your chair in almost any position you want. It has the Live Back technology that allows its back to mimic the movements of your spine. The arms are telescoping and can be moved in and out, and the chair shape can be configured extensively until an almost reclining position. If you tend to slouch or have a particular comfort point, Steelcase Leap is excellent. On the other hand, Aeron has this mesh construction which adds a lot to the comfortability. The mesh material will allow air to pass to your skin, which means, less sweat! Aeron also provides some adjustability, but not as far as Steelcase Leap. You can only sit in one general position.

- Steelcase's no1 selling ergonomic chair
- LiveBack - changes shape to mimic and support the movement of the spine
- Natural Glide System enables you to comfortably recline without straining your eyes, arms and neck
- Cradle to Cradle(CM) certified Leap is up to 94 percent recyclable by weight, depending on the options selected, and made of up to 30-percent recycled content
- SCS Indoor Advantage certified Identifying Leap as a low-emitting
- The 12-Year Factory Warranty
- The Aeron chair by Herman Miller is, simply put, the best ergonomic chair you can buy.
- Aeron Size C - Posture Fit Back Support, Graphite, Classic Carbon Pellicle, Adjustable Padded Arms, Forward Tilt, Tilt Limiter
- Genuine Highly Adjustable Aeron-AE213AWCPJG1BBBK3D01 Aeron Size C - Posture Fit, Graphite, Classic Pellicle, Carbon
- The high tech mesh fabric means that this chair doesn't look (or work) like other conventional office chairs.

Steelcase Leap vs. Aeron
If you put the prices into factor, Steelcase Leap is probably giving the best value. Its flexibility and versatility are great things. However, if you are the type of person who sits obediently in the ideal way, Aeron by Herman Miller can give you the best comfort.

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