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Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable vs Non Expandable

In a prior article, we reviewed about Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable. However, do you really need the Expandable version? Is the Non Expandable version actually sufficient? Depending on your need, either the Expandable or the Non Expandable model will make a better value for your money. For sure, Polycom Soundstation2 is an excellent communication solution for any conference room. With the rich features and great sound quality, you can make sure that everyone with importance to the meeting can communicate effectively – even though their body is not physically present in the room.

Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable vs Non Expandable

Actually, if you put the two models side by side, you will hardly be able to distinguish which one is which. Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable and Non Expandable appear very identical to each other. They have the same dimensions and shapes. Both feature the unique three-point design that makes them appear modern and perhaps futuristic. Each of them has been equipped with the same four-line monochrome display. The display is backlit, meaning that you will be able to see it even in a darkened room at night. Each model comes with the standard 12-key telephone keypad along with functions buttons for mute and volume control. There are also navigational buttons for moving through the menu screens.

Both Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable and Non-Expandable models come with the Polycom Acoustic Clarity Full Duplex for clear and accurate sound reproduction. Each device is equipped with three cardioid microphones, one on each foot, ensuring full 360-degree pickup coverage. The microphone pick-up range is up to 10 feet, which is pretty far. Both also have the Intelligent Microphone Mixing and Dynamic Noise Reduction. They automatically activate the mic closest to the speaking person while reducing background noise from the other mics.

Each model comes with a built-in phone book memory that can store up to 25 entries, complete with the name, number, and company. You can set a speed dial for each entry. Thanks to the display screen, the device can show you the caller ID whenever a call is coming in. Each model has the RCA aux audio jack and the applications port.

However, Polycom Soundstation2 Non Expandable does not have any additional microphone jack. So, you can’t connect additional microphones to it. Meanwhile, if you need more mics for a larger conference room, you should choose Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable, which has additional mic jacks and allows you to connect more mics.

- Acoustic clarity full duplex for natural, simultaneous 2-way conversation
- 3 cardiod microphones with intelligent mic mixing and 10-foot pickup range
- Adjustable volume with dynamic noise reduction
- Caller ID, graphical backlit LCD, user selectable ring tones
- 12-Key telephone keypad with mute, volume up/down keys
- Large LCD Display, Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology for remarkable voice quality
- Ten feet (3-meters) of 360-degree microphone pickup range ideal for small and medium-sized conference rooms
- Resistance to interference from mobile phones, Easy installation and use from standard telephone lines
- Applications port, which connects to mobile phones for dialing from rooms without an analog phone line
- Connect to PC for internet calling, POE (Power Over Ethernet) Non-Expandable

Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable vs Non Expandable
The only difference between these two models is the additional mic jacks. If there’s no need to add more mics to the system, for example in a small room, Polycom Soundstation2 Non Expandable is sufficient and the better bang for the bucks. However, if you will need to add more mics for a larger room, you should choose Polycom Soundstation2 Expandable.

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