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Plantronics CS50 vs. CS55

Choosing for the right wireless headset for professional needs or for work can be quite tricky. Well, this task may not seem as daunting in a glance, but with the number of the available products on the market, it becomes increasingly difficult. On the following article, we are going to compare two Plantronics models. When it comes to a wireless office headset, Plantronics is certainly one of the most trusted manufacturers – we have ever discussed about Plantronics CS530 and Plantronics CS540 before. Now, the objects of the debate are Plantronics CS50 and Plantronics CS55. While these two models are quite old already, the affordable prices make them stay as viable choices. What are the differences between Plantronics CS50 and Plantronics CS55?

Plantronics CS50 vs. CS55

They have very identical designs. You will not be able to tell which one is Plantronics CS50 and which one is Plantronics CS55 if not for the slightly taller base of CS50. The different height is because CS50 operates at a different frequency than CS55. CS50 operates at 900 MHz while CS55 operates in DECT 6.0 (1.9 GHz). CS55 is actually an updated variant of CS50, and the manufacturer changed the frequency in order to avoid interference issue with other devices. Thus, to ensure the clarity of your communication, especially if you operate several other wireless devices altogether, Plantronics CS55 is actually a better guarantee.

Both models boast the same special features. They can operate up to 300 feet away from the base. With such distance, you certainly have enough freedom to move around and do multi-tasking whenever needed. Also, they both feature a convenient one-touch control for calls and volume. However, Plantronics CS55 is given a longer battery life compared to Plantronics CS50. While Plantronics CS50 can only work for up to 8 hours per charge, Plantronics CS55 can serve you for 10 hours before needing another charging session. The longer battery life is indeed a huge boost for efficiency. You can be more prepared to have your device always ready in the work hours.

- Telephone headset with lifter
- Eight hours of hands-free talk time
- 300 foot roaming distance
- Secure channel
- No desktop footprint
- Noise-canceling microphone filters out background noise and 1.9GHz frequency
- Roam up to 300 feet from your office phone.
- Call control at your finger tips: call answer/end, volume +/-
- Convertible: over-the-ear, over-the-head or optional neckband for behind-the-head
- Seller refurbished with authentic Plantronics parts.

Plantronics CS50 vs. CS55
While Plantronics CS50 and Plantronics CS55 can be quite identical to each other, after a careful observation, we can see that Plantronics CS55 holds more advantages than Plantronics CS50. It has a better stability and a longer battery life. Therefore, you should choose Plantronics CS55 instead of Plantronics CS50.

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