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OBi200 vs. OBi300

OBi products are made for the intent purpose of allowing the users to control their communications owing to the increased advancement and adoption of technology. These devices are used as stand-alone solutions for the disconnections experienced around the globe through the internet as well as the onboard connections. To be able to efficiently use Obi products, you require an internet connection, a phone as well as power. There are numerous Obi products and users have been considering each of these devices based on their features. We all want reliable products, and most users are therefore torn between the OBi200 vs. OBi300.

OBi200 vs. OBi300

OBi300 has the latest features unlike OBi200 because it allows the user to connect to the VolP services through the internet as well as the on-board phone connections better. That not with standing, they both provide up to 4 SIP account services. Unlike OBi200, OBi300 allows for dual registration on the primary and secondary proxy.

Take a look : OBi200 vs. OBi202.

OBi200 is designed to support the T.38 fax standards while OBi300 supports T.38 fax and analog fax, making it more reliable for facsimile communications through the internet. Although these two phone adapters are designed to offer high-quality voices during a conversation, OBi300 has been defined with G.711, G.726, G.729, iLBC algorithms making it a higher performer due to better voice and sound clarity.

Irrespective of their varying features, the differences may not be much, thanks to the constant updating of the features. These updates make the internet and phone connections work faster and more efficiently. After all, they both have one USB port and one phone port and allow the users to control their communication.

- Works With Google Voice
- Easy To Set-Up
- Easy to Set-Up Using
- Works with Up to Four (4) VoIP Services Across One (1) Phone Port
- 1x USB for Obihai Accessories OBiWiFi and OBiBT
- Per Service Multi-Proxy Redundancy
- SIP Service Provider Support for Up to Four (4) SIP Accounts
- Dual Registration: Maintain Registration with the Primary and Secondary Proxy
- Remote Management and Provisioning via the OBiTALK ITSP Portal or SP Managed Provisioning Server
- Multi-Service Redundancy Through Use of Trunk Groups

OBi200 vs. OBi300
Although the cost of acquiring both phone adapters is more is more or like the same, I would highly recommend OBi300 since it is the latest version and is more reliable. Moreover, OBi300 is a higher performer and in communication, we always prefer the best device and most effective.

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