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Netgear N750 vs. N900

In a previous article, we have ever compared Netgear N600 and Netgear N750 against each other. This time, we are about to discuss the comparisons between Netgear N750 and Netgear N900. Again, our two products in the battlefield are available under a hundred bucks each, except that Netgear N750 becomes the cheaper one here while Netgear N900 is the more expensive one. Needless to say, the price gap between them is not necessarily large. So, what are the differences between Netgear N750 and Netgear N900? Which is the best router for you?

Netgear N750 vs. N900

Both Netgear N750 and Netgear N900 have the same Wi-Fi range. They are suitable for medium to large-sized homes. They are both also dual-band routers. Each of them features a single 2.4 GHz and a single 5.0 GHz wireless signal channels. However, as you may have guessed, they come with different amounts of bandwidth. Netgear N750 offers 300 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz, 450 Mbps for the 5.0 GHz. On the other hand, Netgear N900 offers 450 Mbps for the 2.4 GHz and another 450 Mbps for the 5.0 GHz. As you can see, the increase in bandwidth only occurs on the 2.4 GHz channel. Considering that there are still a lot of devices relying on the frequency for wireless connectivity, this is an appreciable improvement. On the downside, if you usually use the 5.0 GHz frequency significantly more than the other channel, you will not experience so much of improvement.

Additional Features
Furthermore, Netgear N900 comes with two USB ports, as opposed to Netgear N750’s single USB port. Unfortunately, though, both routers still rely on USB 2.0. Neither supports USB 3.0. At least, with Netgear N900, you will be able to connect another device without having to eject the priorly attached one. You can also use both ports to attach two USB hard drives to be shared to the network!

Both routers are also equipped with advanced QoS functionality already. The feature is essential, allowing you to prioritize bandwidth for certain activities, such as streaming and gaming, for uncompromised, lag-free network performance. Both are also DLNA-compatible. They have the Netgear Genie mobile app for network control and management.

- Faster WiFi speed 300 + 450 - up to 750Mbps
- Improves WiFi range for medium to large homes
- Wirelessly access and share USB Hard Drive and Printer
- IPv6 Compatible-Future-proof your network
- NETGEAR GENIE APP - Personal dashboard to monitor, manage and repair your network
- Faster WiFi-Up to 450+450 Mbps
- Simultaneous dual band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
- Advanced QoS-Optimized for smooth HD streaming & gaming.
- Five (5) 10/100/1000 (1 WAN and 4 LAN) Gigabit Ethernet ports with auto-sensing technology.
Two (2) USB 2.0 port. WiFi - Protected Access (WPA/WPA2-PSK) and WEP, Double firewall protection (SPI and NAT firewall), Denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention.

Netgear N750 vs. N900
If you can benefit from the bandwidth increase on the 2.4 GHz channel or the additional USB port, then you can pick Netgear N900. Otherwise, you can simply choose Netgear N750 for the fullest value for the money.

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