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Monoprice Voxel vs Flashforge Adventurer 3

Creativity knows no limit and as technology improved so much, today we can create complicated items at home conveniently for different purposes thanks to 3D printer. For those who are interested in additive manufacturing, Monoprice Voxel Vs Flashforge Adventurer 3 are two amazing options to consider because they are working reliable and performs well. If you are also considering to purchase one of these printers, go check what they can offer and which model will suit your preference the most.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Using 3D Printer
  • What are Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3
  • What Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 Look Like
  • What Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 can offer
  • What Connectivity Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 can use
  • How are the Performance of Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3
  • Monoprice Voxel Vs Flashforge Adventurer 3

3D Printer/Additive Manufacturing

Before a product is being made, they are modeled first to be used as basic or map for the real unit. In the past it is difficult to create a model at your own workshop or home but today, additive manufacturing is starting to get more common in which end-consumer can purchase one for their specific purpose. Similar to regular printer, a 3D printer uses a software in your computer to print or “build” the certain model based on the file you have load before. Read also: Monoprice Voxel vs Ender 3

  1. Basically we can print anything with them but for productivity, the most common reason why people are using a 3D printer is for prototyping. This tool is used to create the initial design of an object as they are still in prototype stage before the real production process takes place. Just like any modeling purpose, it will make sure the prototype can be handled or physically examined.

Printing your prototype will also let you compare the model with the existing systems to make sure they are already correct and function as properly. This printer uses plastic and will not cost more than the actual unit so planning a product for example a set of jewelry and then executing the real piece after being approved by the customer will ensure our buyer already agree to the product itself.

  1. Beside for creating prototype to help with the transition through production stages, in some cases for example with metal fabrication system, additive manufacturing is also helpful to create end-user or final products. This type of machine are usually used by manufacturers only. The best thing is they can create smaller details such as interlocking structure and even allow correction in the middle of the production process without having to adjust the production line.
  2. Another popular use of an additive manufacturing is for restoration and repair because they are very useful to fix items in which the components or parts are no longer produced or hard to find anymore. Additionally, you may improve the original part to make this item performs better than how it originally was.
  3. Last but not least is for entertainment and while this sounds shallow, imagine what you can make with a 3D printer at home. We can get creative as they will turn your 2 dimensional design into a real object that can be handled and examine or even use. For example how about the unique statue you see when on vacation but can’t find its miniature version, with the machine we can replicate the shape as close as possible for your home décor. 
 Monoprice Voxel Flashforge Adventurer 3
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Package Dimensions 19.6 x 16.9 x 20.2 inches
15.8 x 16.5 x 7.9 inches
Item Weight 29.2 pounds
27.6 pounds

About Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3

As people are becoming more interested in 3D printer both for productivity and in educational settings, there are a rising amount of affordable printer being offered by many companies out there. While they are cheaper and small in comparison to what factories are using, many of them are actually very reliable and convenient with simple mechanism. However, a huge amount of options can make us confused as well when trying to find the best unit for our application which is why seeing what others are using can be a great start.

For those who are in the market for reliable yet affordable 3D printer, Monoprice and Flashforge are two amazing brands you may want to consider. Both of them are offering various models on the catalogue and many are praising how their printer performs especially for those who are looking for FDM printer. In addition they have some models that are ideal for beginners or in a learning situation as well as for home used with an easy setup and less to do before the initial printing.

If your budget is around $500, two models that you can try are Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 from these companies. Both of them are equally recommended products for the price point and are also fairly new in the market with the former being introduced 2 years earlier and the latter is around last year. There is another version for Voxel called MP Voxel with a slight difference on their firmware while the rest of the product are the same.

These 3D printers are coming with many useful features and improved performance as well as convenient for their users and what we love the most from them is actually the machine design itself because back then it is quite rare to see FDM has this type of form yet today we can find an increasing numbers of enclosure 3D printers in the market. 

Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 are very similar to each other and they are enclosed printer means the mechanism is sealed away from its surroundings, it is a good system to prevent any contact with the process while they are working. In a glance they look like a microwave measured at 15.7-inch wide, 15-inch tall, and 15.6-inch deep compared to 15.2-inch wide, 16.5-inch tall, and 20-inch deep with hardened plastic as their main building material.

There is a clear cover at the front and one of their sides to let users check the printing progress and on the front panel there is a small colored display which is already touch screen to operate these printer. As for the material compatibility, they are also fairly similar because you can use ABS, PLA, PETG, or Exotics with Voxel and PLA or ABS with Adventurer 3. They come with the filament but depending on your frequency, this will not last for a very long time.

Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 Features

Moving forward, let’s see what Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 is offering and in this side they are almost the same with each other especially on the convenience part. Both of them are already featured with assisted bed leveling and auto-leveling which is called as no leveling by Flashforge. Another feature we like from these printers is their automatic filament feed which is stabilized to perform reliably as well as a sensor to detect when you are running out of feed.

All 3D printers must have the build plate and this material should be able to be heated on a high temperature for different materials. What’s concerning about Voxel is because their bed is only listed to sustain a heat up to 60 degree Celsius in which is fine with materials like PLA but can be an issue when you are using ABS in which Flashforge is already capable of being used up to 100 degree Celsius. 

On the additional feature, some of you may not guess but both of them are coming with a very good camera inside the printing chamber. This small camera is great to allow users monitoring the printing process through their smart device. What you may want to keep in mind is that the camera can only be viewed on specific software. Monoprice also have 8GB of memory on board which makes it more convenient because you can start printing without connecting the machine to the internet or your computer. 

Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 Software

These printers are also using a quite easy to use software called MP FlashPrint and FlashPrint and many users have been satisfied with how friendly this system is that makes you addicted to 3D printing. In addition Flashforge seems to be able to use Simplify3D as well in the future but we are not yet sure when this will happen. For convenience you can also use these printer with various connectivity options whether it is via USB, WiFi, or Ethernet yet Adventurer also offer Cloud Printing for convenience.

Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 Performance

Coming into the performance side, Monoprice Voxel and Flashforge Adventurer 3 are an amazing 3D printer that we are amazed they can be very affordable. The setup is easy and once you download the software and load the design, we can start printing with any of these printers. They are also quite fast but comparing them side by side it seems that Flashforge leading the speed better than Monoprice. However, the maximum size we can print an object with them remains the same about 6 by 6 by 6 inches.

Monoprice Voxel vs Flashforge Adventurer 3

- Quick change nozzle: unlike other 3D printers, which require tools and 20-40 minutes of work to replace the nozzle, The voxel has a quick change nozzle that allows you to change the nozzle in seconds, without the need for tools of any kind
- Heated, flexible, and removable: The removable, flexible build plate makes removing a model A breeze. Simply remove and flex it to dislodge the model
- Auto Leveling: the printer ships fully calibrated and ready to print out of the box. If necessary, you can easily adjust the distance between the nozzle and the bed via the touch screen interface
- Auto feeding with filament sensor: makes loading filament simple. Insert your filament into the printer’s filament loading Port, then tap ‘load filament’ on the color touchscreen menu
- Buckle Design Removable Nozzle. Buckle design removable nozzle supports quick replacement, solves extruder clogging problem; no need to disassemble whole extruder when performing maintenance.
- Removable and Heatable Plate. Shape-memory material plate heats evenly, supports bending without deformation. Build size is 150x150x150mm, supports heating temperature up to 100C, supports ABS filament. Under 400-hour bending test, platform remains the same. Much easier to take down models, even big models.
- Automatic Filament Loading / Unloading Function. Adventure3 has automatic filament feeding function: Printer will detect filament and start loading automatically after filament has been inserted into the intake.
- Filament detection function. Printing will be suspended automatically when filament is broken or used up, and printing will be resumed after user replaces the new filament.

These 3D printers are a great option for your creativity because we can turn your idea into a real object in a fairly short period of time. They are also working reliably and what’s different stays mainly on details especially with Monoprice claim it can work with ABS and other materials than PLA yet its plate maximum heat capacity is lower than Flashforge. Both of them have a camera but Voxel also has internal memory while in addition Adventurer 3 is also capable of doing Cloud printing.


There is no bad option between these printers because they are equally working amazing and convenient but, if we are to choose, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a more ideal choice in case you are going to work with ABS as well, thanks to its plate high temperature capacity.


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