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Logitech MX800 vs MK850

When setting up a new PC, it is very convenient to buy a set of mouse and keyboard at once. It can be cheaper than buying the peripherals individually. In addition, some mouse and keyboard set-ups have been designed to work in integration with each other, allowing the manufacturer to create nice additional features. Here, we have Logitech MX800 vs MK850, which are both mouse-and-keyboard bundles. Logitech MX800 is a little bit more expensive than Logitech MK850. So, which one has the better value for the money? Let’s see the comparisons between Logitech MX800 and Logitech MK850 below.

Logitech MX800 vs MK850

When buying a new keyboard and mouse, don’t forget to consider the available space on your desk. If you have a very limited space, you may want to consider getting a more compact keyboard and mouse. A larger mouse will eat up more space, and it will also require more area to move around.

Logitech MK850 has smaller keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is 430 mm wide and 210 mm deep. The mouse is 115 mm long and 74 mm wide. Due to the smaller dimensions, Logitech MK850 is a more suitable choice for a limited space.

Logitech MX800 has larger keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is 447.5 mm wide, whereas the mouse is 128.25 mm long and 83.4 mm wide. Note that the mouse is very bulky. It has an unconventional design, but the ergonomic curves fit very well in the hand.

Logitech MK850’s keyboard is very comfortable to use. It has a cushioned wrist rest platform at the bottom of the keyboard, which is very useful for the people who constantly type. It can prevent your wrist from getting sore, and potentially help you avoid health problems such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. The mouse is also comfortable because of the full-size design.

Logitech MX800’s keyboard, on the other hand, does not have a cushioned wrist rest, which is kind of unfortunate. However, the ergonomic mouse feels very nice. The left side is sophisticatedly curved, allowing your thumb to place there comfortably. The additional buttons are easily reachable by the thumb.

When choosing between Logitech MX800 vs MK850, there is one important feature that you need to consider, the backlight. If you often use your keyboard in a dimly lit or dark room, you may want to opt for a backlit keyboard.

Logitech MX800 has a backlit keyboard. You can easily see the buttons even in a dark room. This is a very useful feature, because using a non-backlit keyboard in a dark room is just next to impossible.

Logitech MK850’s keyboard is not backlit, so it is not a good choice for usage in a dark room. Both Logitech MX800 and MK850’s mice have additional buttons, which are very useful for macros.

- Illuminated keyboard with smart backlighting: Type comfortably, even in low light, with intelligent auto-illuminated keys
- Laser-etched Perfect Stroke and Incurve keys: Positions your fingers for optimum comfort and smooth, whisper quiet typing
- Dark field Laser Tracking mouse: Precision tracking on more surfaces, even on glass, plus Hyper-Fast or click-to-click scrolling and customizable thumb buttons
- Unifying receiver: One tiny USB receiver wirelessly connects both the keyboard and mouse to the computer
- Contoured right-handed mouse with hyper-fast scroll wheel enables you to fly through documents and web pages
- Type quietly and comfortably for hours at your desk on a full-size keyboard with cushioned palm rest and carefully-crafted keys
- Both keyboard and mouse are fully multi-device and multi-OS friendly for powering through projects
- Start typing on your computer, then switch and type on your tablet, phone or on a second computer

In general, we recommend you to use Logitech MX800 because the keyboard is backlit. It will be usable even in a dark room. The mouse also feels great in the hand. However, if you don’t need the backlighting at all, you can choose Logitech MK850 instead, whose wrist rest can be very nice.

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