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Logitech M325 vs M525

Logitech is one brand that should have become familiar to people who have spent some time with computers. Logitech is one of the biggest manufacturers of personal computer and mobile accessories. The company’s products range widely from portable wireless mice to serious, professional gaming gear. If you are now looking for a portable wireless mouse, there are two best-selling models that may have captured your attention: Logitech M325 and Logitech M525. Both are relatively affordable, but Logitech M525 is slightly more expensive than Logitech M325. So, which is the model that will suit you the best?

Logitech M325 vs M525

Logitech M325 and Logitech M525 differ greatly in design. Logitech M325 is a compact wireless mouse. It has bee designed with a smaller size than a typical standard mouse, making it very easy to slip into any spare space available in your bag and to be brought along in travels. On the other hand, despite the wireless connectivity, Logitech M525 is a full-size mouse. The mouse is perhaps bulkier, but offers better and more comfortable handling.

Logitech M325 has ergonomic curves for comfort and is ambidextrous, suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. Compared to Logitech M525, the design is simpler and more straightforward. There are textured rubber grips on the sides. Under the scroll wheel, there is a green indicator light that tells you if the mouse is turned on or off. Finally, the mouse is available in various colors. On the other hand, Logitech M525 appears much more stylish and elegant, thanks to the classy color combinations and nice ergonomic curves. It is also ambidextrous. The sides have smooth rubber grips.

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Battery Life
There is a significant difference between these two models in terms of battery life – Logitech M525 can last twice as long as Logitech M325. Logitech M325 is armed with one AA battery that can last for up to 18 months, whereas Logitech M525 is made working by two AA batteries, offering up to 3 years of continuous usage.

Both models operate on the 2.4 GHz frequency, and the maximum wireless operating distance is about 10 meters. Both models also use similar Advanced Optical Tracking with 1000 dpi sensor resolution. So, in terms of tracking performance, the two are similar. But Logitech M525 is indeed much more comfortable in hand, considering that it is a full-size mouse. Compact mice like Logitech M325 always have that clumsy feeling because of the reduced size. Both models also have the micro-precise scrolling technology, which enables you to scroll with superior accuracy and precision, making navigation very quick and intuitive.

- Comfortable, contoured design with textured rubber grips.
- Micro-precise scrolling, plus tilting the wheel moves you backward or forward.
- Up to 18-months of battery life.
- Connects with ease using the tiny, leave-in Logitech UnifyingTM receiver.
- Micro-precision scroll wheel: Faster, easier web navigation plus advanced optical sensor for smooth tracking on more surfaces.
- Extended battery life: Go for up to three years without a battery change.
- Compact comfort in cool colors: Ergonomic shape, soft rubber grips and great style that's easy to take anywhere.
- Multi-device wireless receiver: Tiny Unifying receiver connects up to six Unifying-compatible devices.

Logitech M325 vs M525
We recommend you to choose Logitech M525 because of the significantly longer battery life and better handling. It also looks more classy and elegant. However, if you prefer a smaller mouse, then Logitech M325 is the way to go.

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