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Logitech M325 vs M317

If you are wondering what the differences are between Logitech M317 and Logitech M325, you have come to the right place. Below, we will take a look at the comparisons between these two wireless mice to determine which one is the best choice for the money. Indeed, both Logitech M317 and Logitech M325 are compact wireless mice suitable for mobile use. These mice are highly portable and easy to bring. The two are also very affordable and budget-friendly, and the price difference between the two is hardly significant. Because of the minimal price difference, you should choose the best product out of the two!

Logitech M325 vs M317

In terms of design, both Logitech M317 and Logitech M325 are very compact and lightweight. Logitech M325 is just a tiny bit bigger than Logitech M317. Nevertheless, both models have been designed in pretty much the same way, as they both feature identical contoured ergonomic curves that aim to provide the best comfort to the hand. Both are also ambidextrous, so right-handed and left-handed people can use them equally well. However, Logitech M317 comes with smooth, soft side grips, whereas Logitech M325 has textured rubber side grips. We must say that Logitech M317’s grips are more pleasant to touch due to being smooth.

You can also see that Logitech M325 has a green indicator light that functions to inform you whether the mouse is turned on or not. Logitech M325’s scrolling wheel is highly textured, as opposed to Logitech M317’s striped scrolling wheel. Logitech M317 does not have any indicator light.

Logitech M317 relies on the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking technology for precise and accurate pointer movement. Actually, the performance is great. The mouse moves the pointer with precision. The battery life is up to 12 months.

However, Logitech M325 indeed offers more. Logitech M325 already uses the laser technology for the ultimate tracking precision and accuracy, and with the micro-precise scrolling, you can scroll through pages effortlessly and very accurately. The battery life is longer, up to 18 months.

Both models are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Each includes the unifying nano receiver. You can plug the receiver into your computer and leave it there forever, as you can add more devices to utilize the receiver as well, such as a wireless keyboard or headset.

- Connection Type: Wireless
- Color: Mint
- Movement Detection: Optical
- Movement Resolution: 1000 dpi
- Unifying Receiver
- Contoured design: Comfortable shape with soft side grips
- Long battery life: Up to 12 months
- Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking

Logitech M325 vs M317
Obviously, Logitech M325 should be the way to go. The longer battery life is the most practical reason. But that’s not the only advantage; the mouse also has excellent tracking and scrolling performance. Plus, it has an indicator light to tell you whether it is on or off.

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