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Logitech M325 vs M305

For the people who are always on the go, having a wireless mouse becomes very practical and perhaps essential. Unlike their traditional counterparts, wireless mice don’t have to deal with tangled cables. A wireless mouse can also be more compact and more portable. So, if you are now looking for a wireless mouse that you can easily bring along on the go, Logitech M305 and Logitech M325 are indeed good for your consideration. Both of these models are very budget-friendly. So, should you pick Logitech M305 or Logitech M325? Let’s see below.

Logitech M325 vs M305

Both Logitech M305 and Logitech M325 are wireless mice operating on the 2.4 GHz frequency. The two have very similar looks. Both have been shaped in pretty much the same way, with a compact size and precise ergonomic curves. The contoured surface will keep your hand comfortable, even after long hours of continuous usage. Both mice fit well to the contour of the hand, and both are ambidextrous. So, no matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, you can use both mice. There is a slight difference, though, with the scrolling wheel. Logitech M305’s scrolling wheel has big stripes whereas Logitech M325’s is finely textured. Each has a green indicator light that turns on whenever the mouse is connected to a computer and active. Both are available in various color choices.

One significant difference between these two models is that Logitech M325 is already armed with a laser sensor, making it highly accurate and responsive. On the other hand, Logitech M305 still uses an optical sensor. Another difference is indicated by the different scrolling wheels. Logitech M325 has been designed to deliver micro-precise scrolling. The scrolling is highly precise and responsive. It is specially created for Web scrolling. The feature makes searching, browsing, and shopping so much easier and more convenient.

Both models are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms, as long as the computer has a USB port for the receiver dongle. Both are plug-and-play on Windows and Mac. Both Logitech M305 and Logitech M325 have outstanding battery life; each battery can last up to 18 months, virtually eliminating the need for changing batteries.

- Micro-precise scrolling: New designed-for-Web scrolling makes searches, shopping and browsing easier
- Feel-good design: Contoured shape and textured rubber grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours
- Long battery life: Up to 18 months of battery life virtually eliminates the need to change batteries
- Logitech advanced 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connection
- Intelligent battery management delivers months of use and added convenience
- High-definition optical tracking (1000 dpi) enables responsive and smooth cursor control

Logitech M325 vs M305
Between these two models, we recommend you to choose Logitech M325. It is also very budget-friendly, yet it comes with upgraded features. It offers the precision and responsiveness of a laser sensor, and the micro-precise scrolling is very convenient to use.

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