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Jabra Pro 9470 vs Plantronics Savi W740

A wireless headset for work should be lightweight and comfortable. You don’t want something heavy to be attached on your head for multiple hours continuously. Of course, the audio quality is not a thing to compromise; you need clear and articulate communication in order to function properly. And, if the headset can connect to multiple sources simultaneously, that’s great. You will no longer have to juggle between different computers and mobile phones if all of them are connected to a single headset. There are two models on the market that offer these features, Jabra Pro 9470 and Plantronics Savi W740. Which is the wireless headset that you better choose?

Jabra Pro 9470 vs Plantronics Savi W740

Actually, Jabra Pro 9470 appears very elegant and stylish with the docking station. It features a monaural over-the-head headset that connects wirelessly to the docking station using the DECT technology for enhanced connection range. Unfortunately, Jabra Pro 9470 has been criticized for the awful build quality. The headset is made from plastic, and thus prone to breaking apart. There are many users who have complained about Jabra Pro 9470 breaking. Still, the docking station is particularly nice. It has a highly intuitive touchscreen display that enables easy and quick operation.

On the other hand, Plantronics Savi W740 is claiming to be the lightest DECT wireless headset currently available on the market. Of course, it is extremely compact and lightweight. This way, you will be able to wear it for extended hours without getting tired. In addition, the adaptable headset can be adjusted to be behind-the-ear, over-the-ear, or over-the-head. So, you can customize the headset for the best comfort. Plantronics Savi W740 also connects wirelessly to the docking station via DECT.

Even though both models are running on the DECT technology, Jabra Pro 9470 claims to have a better maximum wireless range than Plantronics Savi W740. Jabra Pro 9470 has a maximum range of 150 meters, whereas Plantronics Savi W740 has a maximum range of about 106 meters. Still, the reception range and performance may differ if there are obstacles like walls or doors between the headset and the docking station. Nevertheless, both models have decent sound quality. They attenuate background noise very well to allow clear communication.

Both models also allow you to connect three devices at the same time. So, you will be able to cycle between your desk phone, PC, and mobile phone effortlessly. But Plantronics Savi W740 comes with a special feature of its own; the hot-swappable battery enables you to replace the battery in the middle of a phone conversation without cutting down the call, in case that the device is running out of power.

- Touchscreen Display - Select models in the Jabra PRO 9400 series family feature an exclusive touch screen base that simplifies call management
- Noise Blackout - Jabra Noise Blackout technology eliminates disturbing background noise such as wind, surrounding conversations or traffic to enhance your voice
- 150m Wireless Freedom - Get wireless mobility up to 150 meters to fully control your Jabra hands-free solution with DECT technology. Answer calls, multitask and move freely around on your terms
- Transfer audio between headset and mobile phone with a press of a button to take calls on-the-road
- Conference in up to three additional headsets and guests can continue through multiple calls
- Hot swappable battery kit lets you change battery mid-conversation delivering unlimited talk time

Jabra Pro 9470 vs Plantronics Savi W740
In the end, we recommend you to choose Plantronics Savi W740. It has a better build quality. The adaptable headset is also very lightweight and comfortable. The hot-swappable battery system is very nice and highly useful.

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