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Jabra Pro 920 vs Jabra Pro 930

Jabra Pro 920 and Jabra Pro 930 are two mono wireless headset models that are popular on the market. These headsets are suitable for business and professional applications. However, despite the similarities, Jabra Pro 930 is a little bit more expensive than Jabra Pro 920. This fact arouses our question. What is the difference between Jabra Pro 920 and Jabra Pro 930? Which model will give the best value for the money? Which is the one that will be more suitable for you? Find the answer below.

Jabra Pro 920 vs Jabra Pro 930

Both Jabra Pro 920 and Jabra Pro 930 are mono headsets. They each only have a single ear cup and a single driver. But they have an over-the-head design for easy and convenient wearing. One interesting feature is that the headset can be worn both ways. You can place the ear cup on your right or left ear, depending on which one feels more comfortable for you. The mic is fully rotatable, allowing you to adapt the headset to different positions. Both models are very lightweight, so these headsets are very comfortable and convenient to wear. As wireless headsets, each of these two models comes with a docking station. The headset connects to the docking station wirelessly. The docking station is the one that you connect to the audio source.

Jabra Pro 920 and Jabra Pro 930 come with similar features, but they have different connectivity options. Both headsets are able to operate up to 300 ft away from their docks. With such range, you can have a vast amount of mobility freedom. Both also come with a sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology that effectively removes background noise and echo as well as providing protection against spikes in volume. The Peak Stop technology automatically eliminates harmful loud sounds to ensure safe and healthy hearing. They also have noise-canceling microphones that are able to reduce unwanted background noise for usability in crowded and noisy environments.

However, you must note the difference here. Jabra Pro 920 is designed to work with VOIP phones, and it cannot connect to personal computers. If you need a headset that can connect to a personal computer, you should choose Jabra Pro 930 instead.

- Crystal Clear Sound - Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in Jabra audio devices will remove background noise and echo as well as protect the user against sudden high peaks in volume
- Wireless Freedom up to 300ft
- Noise Canceling Microphone reduces unwanted background noise and the noise-canceling microphones reduce unwanted background noise and are ideal in crowded and noisy, open office environments
- UC Plug-And-Play - Jabra devices feature intuitive call control and seamless connection to all leading UC applications and softphones
- Wireless Freedom up to 300ft
- Remote Asset Management - Configure and implement the company's audio devices 100% remotely from one central point

Jabra Pro 920 vs Jabra Pro 930
Jabra Pro 920 and Jabra Pro 930 have the same designs and features. However, Jabra Pro 920 is the model that is made to work with VOIP phones. Meanwhile, Jabra Pro 930 is the one that connects to PCs.

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