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HP Officejet 6600 vs 8600

HP Officejet printer models are made for people looking for a decent and reliable all-in-one printer with affordable price and reasonable operation cost. Now, you are most probably considering to get either HP Officejet 6600 or HP Officejet 8600. These two models may appear to have many similarities to each other. Nevertheless, HP Officejet 8600 is being priced at a slightly higher price point than HP Officejet 6600. So, which model should you go with? Let’s find out below!


If you put these two models side by side, you can immediately see that HP Officejet 8600 is quite considerably bigger and bulkier than HP Officejet 6600. It is also heavier. On the good side, the extra body mass indeed brings some improvements. The first is the display screen. HP Officejet 8600 comes with a considerably wider touchscreen for control. The touchscreen is very intuitive and is equipped with a panel of numeric buttons for quicker access. Second, HP Officejet 8600 does have larger paper trays. In fact, while HP Officejet 6600 only has a single input tray, HP Officejet 8600 comes with two input trays. Indeed, HP Officejet 8600 has been rated for significantly higher printer duty cycle. HP Officejet 8600 can work for up to 25,000 pages per month, whereas HP Officejet 6600 is only rated for up to 12,000 pages per month. The difference should give you a good idea that HP Officejet 8600 has been designed to be more rugged and durable.

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Even though the printing resolution settings are pretty much similar, HP Officejet 8600 can indeed print quite considerably faster than HP Officejet 6600. While HP Officejet 6600 has ISO printing speeds of 14 ppm in black-and-white, 8 ppm in color, HP Officejet 8600 boasts 18 ISO ppm black-and-white and 13 ISO ppm color. It is indeed much faster, and, combined with the auto duplex printing function, allows you to handle high workloads with ease. In addition, it also has a more powerful scanner. On HP Officejet 6600, the optical scanner resolution is 1200 dpi, but HP Officejet 8600 has improved this aspect to be 4800 dpi. So, if you need to handle professional photos and documents, you can preserve them in high-res digital files. Furtherly, HP Officejet 8600 comes with an answering machine for automatically taking faxes, a memory card slot, and two USB ports in addition to the Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi.

- Professional color for a low cost per page
- HP ePrint-print virtually anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
- Use the 2.65" touchscreen to access business apps and manage print jobs
- Use only Original HP Ink in your HP printer for great results, print after print
- ISO Speed: Up to 18 ppm black, Up to 13 ppm color
- Scan Resolution: Up to 4800 dpi
- Copy Resolution: Up to 1200 x 600 dpi
- Use only Original HP Ink in your HP printer for great results, print after print

HP Officejet 6600 vs 8600
If you regularly handle huge numbers of papers daily, you can’t go wrong with HP Officejet 8600. It is much faster. It also has a better scanner and better connectivity. Yet, for casual home usage, you may not need a blazing-fast printer; hence, HP Officejet 6600 is viable to save you some money.

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