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HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636

HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 seem to have identical specifications. So, why is one of them more expensive than the other? Below, we will see the comparison between HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636 so that you can make a better decision in choosing the right printer to purchase.

Continue reading to learn more about:
– The size and weight of each printer
– The design and appearance of each model
– The connectivity options available on each printer
– The setup process each printer
– The performance and print quality of HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

If you put these two printers side by side, you can see that they have exactly the same dimensions. According to HP, each of them measures 17.3 inches wide, 12.2 inches deep (22.8 inches with the input tray raised and the tray extender opened), and 6.2 inches tall (10 inches with the input tray raised) – for photo printing, take a look at Canon Pixma MX922 vs HP Officejet Pro 8600.

HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 both are all-in-one printers. They have built-in scanner and copier functions. Such models are typically bigger and heavier than basic printers. But all-in-one printers can be more room-efficient if you need all of the printer, scanner, and copier functions. An all-in-one printer like HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 combines those three devices into a single compact unit.

These two models also weigh identically. Each printer here has a weight of 9.25 pounds (4.2 kg). Although they are obviously not the most lightweight printers in the market, they are still fairly manageable. You can easily take these printers into your car and take them to your office when necessary.

The main difference between HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636 is the color. HP Deskjet 3630 is considered as a standard model with a white body, whereas HP Deskjet 3636 is marketed as a “limited edition” with a blue top panel. Because HP Deskjet 3630 is more widely available, it is usually sold at a lower price than the somewhat rare HP Deskjet 3636.

To say the least, HP Deskjet 3630 does not have a premium appearance. This is totally understandable because it is indeed a very affordable and budget-friendly printer. It has a plastic body that feels rather cheap and flimsy. But the glossy white finish is a distinctive look and a refreshing change from de-facto black for conventional printers.

HP Deskjet 3630 does not have a fancy touchscreen. It does not have duplex or double-sided printing. However, it does have a simple yet effective LCD, basic buttons, and a nice paper tray that is colored in blue.

HP Deskjet 3636, on the other hand, is pretty much the same as HP Deskjet 3630. The only notable difference is the color of the top panel. HP Deskjet 3636 has a blue top panel. But the scanner lid is still white. It also has the same LCD, basic buttons, and blue paper tray. HP Deskjet 3636 certainly looks great and stylish, but we all can agree that appearance is not a top priority for a printer.

HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636 come with similar connectivity features. Just like many other printers for home and personal uses, they each come with a USB port. They support Hi-Speed USB 2.0. You can use the USB connectivity for printing from a laptop or desktop computer.

In addition, both HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 also have built-in 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. They support 802.11 b/g/n standards. So, you can connect them wirelessly to your home’s or office’s wireless network. This is the most convenient solution if the printer is going to be used by more than one device frequently. You can also use the Wi-Fi to connect the printer directly to your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

You can print directly from your mobile device to HP Deskjet 3630 or HP Deskjet 3636 through the HP Smart App. This mobile app is available for Android and iOS. Mobile printing capabilities are very important in today’s world, so it is a good thing that both HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 have them.

Setup and Ink
HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 follow a similar setup process. Since they don’t have a touchscreen, you need to configure their Wi-Fi through HP’s software, which is included in a disc and is also freely available for download on the company’s official website. Fortunately, the setup can’t be any simpler.

Once the software is installed, it will download the necessary drivers plus some utility programs. Setting up the Wi-Fi is easily done through the app; you mostly only need to tell the printer which wireless network to use.

HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 come with the HP 302 cartridges for starters, sufficient for roughly 100 pages. These printers are also compatible with HP’s XL cartridges. However, even if you use the XL cartridges, the operational cost is still pretty expensive for large-quantity printing.

There is another option from HP, which is called Instant Ink. This is a subscription-based ink replacement service that is very attractive. It provides a free plan which allows you to print up to 15 pages/month, with a charge of $1 for every 10 additional pages past the limit. There are three paid plan options: 50 pages per month ($2.99/month), 100 pages per month ($4.99/month), and 300 pages per month ($9.99/month). In general, HP’s Instant Ink is more cost-efficient.

As expected from low-cost printers, HP Deskjet 3630 and HP Deskjet 3636 are not fast. They have similar ISO speeds, which are 8.5ppm for black-and-white printing and 6ppm for color printing. However, in the draft mode, black-and-white printing can be as fast as 20ppm. Not bad.

According to the specifications, these printers are suitable for printing up to 250 pages per month. So, they are generally great for home and personal uses. They are also suitable for offices that don’t print large quantities frequently. The scanner resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi, which is sufficiently good for scanning documents.

These printers are a bit noisy when working, but nothing excessively annoying. They have a Quiet Mode, but this mode makes the printer work more slowly only for a marginal decrease in noise.

HP Deskjet 3630 vs 3636

- Easy mobile printing -Connect your smartphone or tablet directly to your printer and easily print without accessing a network
- Simplify your tasks. The display panel features simple icons for controlling print, scan, and copy functions
- Save your space with a compact all-in-one designed to fit on your desk, on a shelf, or anywhere you need it
- Print in any room you choose without causing disruptions. Optional quiet mode helps keep noise to a minimum
- Print Speed Black: Up to 20 ppm; Color: Up to 16 ppm
- Print Resolution Black: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, Color: Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi
- Built-in Wireless, Energy Star certified
- Replacement Ink HP 63, 63XL Black Ink Cartridges, HP 63. 63XL Tri-Color Ink Cartridges

In general, HP Deskjet 3630 is more recommended. This model is available at a lower price. The features and performance are similar. It is great for personal and home printing as well as light office use. Using HP’s Instant Ink service to keep the operational cost low is a good idea, as the cartridges can be quite expensive.

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