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HP Designjet T120 vs T520

If you are looking for the best large-format printer, you have probably met HP Designjet T120 and HP Designjet T520. Both of these models are among the most popular models on the market. HP Designjet T120 and HP Designjet T520 are often said to deliver excellent printing performance and output quality. Nevertheless, the huge price gap may make you wonder what the differences are between the two. In short, HP Designjet T120 is designed more for home usage whilst HP Designjet T520 is for professional purposes. Let’s get into the detailed comparisons below!


Design and Feature
HP Designjet T120 is the most affordable model of the series. It comes with a relatively very compact body, allowing you to save a significant chunk of space in the room. HP Designjet T120 is made to be compatible with a variety of large paper sizes, featuring a wide 24-inch front-loading input for paper rolls and an A3/B+ input tray for cut sheets. However, HP Designjet T520 has been made prepared for larger works with built-in A3/B+ tray and a 36-inch front-loading media roll for A0/E sheets. HP Designjet T520 also comes with 1GB internal memory, whereas HP Designjet T120 only has 256MB internal memory. For control and operation, both models have been equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, and a Fast Ethernet (100Base-T) port.

Obviously, HP Designjet T520 offers a better printing performance than HP Designjet T120. The difference is quite significant here. To begin with, HP Designjet T120 features a maximum print resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi, with 0.04mm minimum line width. HP Designjet T520 offers an improved quality with 2400 x 1200 dpi maximum resolution and 0.02mm minimum line width, allowing the model to deliver much sharper and crisper images. If you want the highest printing quality possible, with properly defined details in the images, HP Designjet T520 is up for the challenge.

In terms of speed, both models print color images on glossy media at a similar speed. For line drawings, however, HP Designjet T120 actually prints twice faster than HP Designjet T520. This is because T120 doesn’t draw the lines as detailed as T520. Both models use the 4-ink HP Thermal Inkjet technology, featuring dye-based C, M, and Y inks and pigment-based K ink.

- Maximum_Color_Print_Speed - 241.1 ft/h
- Green_Compliant - Yes
- Green_Compliance_Certificate/authority - ENERGY STAR
- Ethernet - Yes
- Line drawings: 35 sec/page on A1/D, 70 A1/D prints per hour
- Dye-based; 4 ink system
- Media handling: Sheet feed, roll feed, input tray, media bin, automatic cutter
- Fast Ethernet (100Base-T),Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified, Wi-Fi

HP Designjet T120 vs T520
For professional purposes, HP Designjet T520 is indeed the way to go. The uncompromised printing quality is essential to deliver the best images. On the other hand, HP Designjet T120 is nice for home usage, and as a budget alternative if you prefer to have the faster line-drawing printing speed.

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