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Fujitsu FI 7160 vs FI 7180

Are you looking for an advanced sheetfed color scanner that is able to digitalize every kind of document or picture into a file with the best quality possible? If so, you make no mistake by considering either Fujitsu FI 7160 or Fujitsu FI 7180 to get. These two products both offer the best scanning quality and performance that you can rely on for your professional purposes. Nevertheless, Fujitsu FI 7180 is a little bit pricier than Fujitsu FI 7160. So, what are the differences between these two models? Which is the one that you should choose?


In terms of design, Fujitsu FI 7160 and Fujitsu FI 7180 appear to be very identical to each other. They each measure by 11.8” x 6.7” x 6.42” and weigh by 9.26 lbs. Indeed, they both are quite compact, so you can easily place them on your desk without eating away too much space. They each has been armed with an 80-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), which is very handy. You don’t need to manually insert the papers yourself. You just put the papers in the tray and then you can leave the machine to do the job. Both Fujitsu FI 7160 and Fujitsu FI 7180 can take in a paper up to 1.4 mm thick. The minimum size of the paper is A8 portrait (2.05” x 2.91”). The maximum input size is Legal (8.5” x 14.0”).

Each of these two models is powered by two color CCD image sensors to capture the image of the document or photo. Both models have the maximum scanning resolution of 1200 dpi. In addition, the minimum resolution setting is 50. Nevertheless, keep in mind that, depending on the size of the paper and whether you are performing a duplex scanning or not, the maximum available resolution can be lower. For color scanning, the maximum color depth is 24-bit. For grayscale, it is 8-bit. They can also perform a monochrome black-and-white scanning if you just need to scan a simple text document.

What makes Fujitsu FI 7180 better than Fujitsu FI 7160 is the scanning speed. It is significantly faster. On Fujitsu FI 7160, the scanning speed is only 120 ISO ppm. Meanwhile, on Fujitsu FI 7180, you can get more papers done in a much shorter time, since the scanning speed is blazing 160 ISO ppm.

- Fast, 60 ppm / 120 ipm scanning in color, grayscale and monochrome
- 80-sheets Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)
- Advanced paper handling technology for the ultimate in feeding reliability
- iSOP (Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection)
- Optical_Resolution - 600 dpi
- Green_Compliant - Yes
- Green_Compliance_Certificate/authority - EPEAT Silver
- Scan_Color - Color

Fujitsu FI 7160 vs FI 7180
Do you really need the improved scanning speed? If you do, then Fujitsu FI 7180 is the way to go. Otherwise, you can save some money with Fujitsu FI 7160.

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