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Epson Workforce 2750 vs HP Envy 5055

Printer is an amazing tool to help transform our digital file into a physical form on top of a paper and it is a great machine for most of our productivity especially in an educational and business activities. Epson Workforce 2750 vs HP Envy 5055 are two reliable models from these popular brands that offer fast printing and of course nice results yet still very competitive in price. If you are also considering to get one of them, see which printer will be the most reliable option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Which Printer to Purchase
– What are Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 5055
– What Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 5055 Look Like
– How are the Performance of Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 5055
– How are the Ink Consumption of Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 5055
– What else Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 5055 can offer
– Epson Workforce 2750 vs HP Envy 5055

Shopping for Printer

Creating digital file is easy and convenient with your computer and other smart devices but at the end, many of them have to be converted into a physical form because apparently we have to handle them to a higher authorities or for example student we have to submit the paper and not the file. It might be inconvenient but there is a different benefits that require us to transform the file into a real object and it is because they are better when it comes to being interactive.

No matter if you are an office worker, an entrepreneur, or student, many of us need a printer to help transforming the document or file into a real form and this tool has been very useful as well as necessary in different establishment even today where people are all being more convenient lifestyle. A printer is a very important machine to have at home, school, and business establishments for the sole reason that it can make your file more accessible physically. Read also: Canon IVY Vs Kodak Mini 2.

Choosing printer is also not as easy because different people will need different model including how much they want to spend but let’s start with the business printer first. This type of application is best when paired with a jack-of-all-trade printer or all-in-one printer because they are capable of doing several tasks in one single machine and it is space saving because they became more compact. Functions mostly available in this type of printer are usually the printer itself, scanner, and fax machine.

For students who have to fight or limited budget and need a reliable printer to finish their tasks, the printer we need are those that can produce page after page fast and this might be the job for a monochrome personal printer. Not only they are affordable, but also produce a very nice crisp, legible text faster than some similar color models out there. In general, many of them are starting from $100 but we can gain the benefit from toner instead of using cartridge.

There are many other different types of application that need printer but we will talk about only the most common end-user needs and the last is digital photographer or any beginner who are recently jumping into this hobby. Any inkjet can do color printing or photo printing but the results are mostly not that reliable and if you mostly print photos or pictures, look for those that are able to reproduce the dynamic range of a traditional photograph with gamut, supported papers or color management tools to consider as well.

 Epson Workforce 2750HP Envy 5055
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Package Dimensions 17.1 x 19.2 x 11.9 inches
14.4 x 17.5 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight 18.56 pounds
13.7 pounds

About Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550

If you are here then chances the home office or home use printer is what you are looking for and this type of models are very common as well because they can do lots of jobs with varying reliability and most important price range. They are very useful due to the all capabilities packed in one machine but depending on what mostly done with the printer, our final choice can be very different, including how much we want to spend to get the machine.

For those who are specifically looking for all-capable type of printer, Epson and HP are two nice companies to look at because they are among the leaders and our first choice when it comes to printer shopping. Just like many other big names, some of their products can be a breakthrough in home printing but there are also those we regret buying so it can be tricky sometimes. From these brands, one of their popular models for all-rounder are the Workforce 2750 and Envy 5055.

Both of them are highly rated and seems to be loved by many due to the reliability and performance across different users but if you are specifically purchasing one for photography application the latter seems to be more interesting because it is designed to give you the best photo printing quality, at an affordable price, right in your home. On the other hand, the Workforce 2750 is more for small-office or multifunction home use printer because of the ability to cover all printing needs and still very affordable.

If you are familiar with the little brother 2650, this model will be very much similar so if you are already used the older machine and want to replace it with the exact same model, this one is a nice option to pick for you don’t have to get used to a new printer since what available in in WF 2650 is also available here but with better control panel. This is the typical no muss no fuss printer and do the job very efficiently as well.

Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, both of them are coming with the typical printer design and there is no fancy things happening on how these companies make their machine to look like. The Epson is a bulky machine and it will occupy some of your desk when finally set up because it is measured about 16.7-inch deep, 22-inch wide, and 9.1-inch tall when being used but it will be more compact when in storing mode but it is heavy around 14.5 pounds so we don’t recommend to transport it often.

As for Envy, this printer is much more compact because the 5055 is only measured at 14.4-inch deep, 17.5-inch wide, and 5-inch tall which makes it quite flat and we also love the design of this printer for it is very streamlined and has no sharp points. What we are not very fond of these two is their loading mechanism because both are using bottom load and we have issues with bottom load in the past, especially when it comes to load thicker papers.

Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 Printing Speed and Quality

The first thing you may want to know about a printer is usually the speed because we do have lots of issues with printing ppm in time when speed is crucial and we need to get those papers to come out fast and nicely as well as arranged if possible. In this side, both Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 are working nicely because first Epson can deliver paper quite fast at 13.7 ppm for black document and 7.3 ppm for color printing while the HP can work at 10 ppm and 9.5 ppm respectively.

Print quality is very standard in Epson 2750 and the text comes out pretty good as well but we do not recommend this model for photo printing because it seems that the printer doesn’t do well in delivering the real quality of your image and time over time prone to draw those lines which require cleaning. HP 5055 on the other side is better as an overall printer because it is fast and produce better printing quality for both black and colored documents.

What’s great from this model is the photo printing itself probably because the unit is designed to be working optimally in this function. It also works with high quality thick photo paper despite using bottom load.

Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 Ink Consumption

The next thing we want to talk about Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 is their ink consumption because this can be a great issue for budget efficiency. The biggest problem with Epson is this printer somehow drain ink faster than it should because some users even can only get few pages and have to replace their ink again or sometimes the printer don’t accept the ink despite using the same ink from the brand. In addition, even though you only print BW documents, the color cartridge will run out of ink eventually.

HP Envy 5505 seems more acceptable in ink consumption but the cartridge it comes with will not last since they probably fill it with less amount but you can replace it with the high-capacity carts to make the cost more affordable for the long term.

Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 Features

Last but not least is the feature available in these printer since both of them are boasting the wireless connectivity and yes they are working with your Wi-Fi. This is a great solution for an office situation where cables are everywhere and having one printer to use with all devices is sure a convenient feature. However, none of them are coming with Ethernet port for direct connectivity nor USB port in case you want to print from a USB stick.


Printer is a necessary machine in many establishments including in our house and Epson Workforce 2750 and HP Envy 550 are two nice options to consider but they are working differently in terms of reliability because 2750 is causing much distress with its ink consumption and some people even have to spend time talking to their CS just to get something done for the lack of detailed manual. Envy 550 on the other hand is a better printer because it seems to work fine with ink, has a nice printing result including for photo, as well as easy to use but it lacks fax function.

Epson Workforce 2750 vs HP Envy 5055

- This printer is designed for use with Epson cartridges only, not third party cartridges or ink. Cartridges described as Compatible, Remanufactured, refilled or refillable may not work properly or at all. See product description for more details.
- Get laser-quality performance — The workforce WF-2750, powered by Precision Core
- Fast printing — professional-quality prints at speeds of 13. 7 ISO ppm (black) and 7. 3 ISO ppm (color)
- LIMITED TIME OFFER: 4 MONTHS OF INK FREE, when you sign up HP Instant Ink service during printer setup; offer ends 1/11/2020
- Step up and create projects at home – Print, scan, and copy borderless, high-quality photos and documents with crisp, sharp text using this versatile all-in-one printer
- Our most powerful printing app ever – The HP Smart app allows you to easily set up your wireless printer, scan documents with your camera, and print from social media or the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox


All in all the decision is all yours because not all of us will have the same opinion and if we are to choose, we do highly recommend HP Envy 5055 because this printer is more reliable and easy to work with.

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