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Epson V700 vs V500

Many activities at home which need a printer, to print photos, documents, letters and recipes others. Therefore there needs to be a proper guide for choosing and buying a home printer that matches our needs. The need the printer has now been able to get the interested of consumer in the market for home printing. Therefore some printer manufacturers might bring up series printer that can accommodate the activities at home. One of popular printer vendors is Epson printer with many types of a set that has been in production the last few years. Two of them are the Epson V500 and Epson V700. Both are also often compared because they want to convince the customer type which is the best. If in a sense quite yet, by reading this article we hope can help you.

Epson V700 vs V500

Epson V700
The Epson Perfection V700 or Epson V700 is equiped with a Dual lens system consist of a 4800dpi affair which issued for all the reflective scanning and large format film up to 10×8, a 6400dpi which is used for high quality film scanning and generated large files but does not offer much advantages in terms of image quality. The scanner is supplied with five film holders; 12 mounted 35mm slides, four strips of six-exposure 35mm film, two strips of 120 film (6 x 20cm), two sheets of 5×4 and a film area guide for 10×8 or other film sizes. This scanner comes with a good selection of software including; Adobe Photoshop Elements (Mac & Win), SilverFast SE, EpsonScan, Abbyy delicate readers (OCR software) and other smaller Epson application options. Given that this scanner is intended exclusively for semi professionals, we are not surprised that the elements are included. The Epson V700 scanner produces exceptional quality scans with accurate colors. As with most scanners the scan image will benefit from a generous dose of USM in imaging applications. (Read also : Epson Perfection V600 vs. V700)

Epson V500
Epson perfection V500 or Epson V500 photo scanner is a device that not only promises what people look for in pictures but provides exceptional quality images when used for scanning. The resolution of this product is as well as the powerful LED lights that make it able to offer exceptional versatility and productivity at great value as well for us. The Epson V500 scan is built using a default setting of 4800 dpi. The Epson V500 also has a digital ice, technology to reduce dust and scratches when scanning is negative. Perfection V500 comes with Epson software load, some of which may be useful for Windows users but most Mac users will prefer iPhoto more familiar. With transparency in mind, the V500 comes with two corresponding holders on the platen scan (the glass surface you put on things to scan when you lift the lid) to fit 35mm Strip film and a larger 120-sized transparency. V500 captures 281.5 trillion theoretical colors like a true 48-bit scanner.

- Photo scanner reproduces photographs with professional quality
- 6,400 dpi resolution: incredible precision and detail
- Can scan slides, negatives, and medium format film
- Innovative dual lens system automatically selects two lenses for desired resolution
- 4.0 Dmax for exceptional image quality
- Create crystal-clear photo enlargements and scan slides, negatives, and medium-format film
- Easy Photo Fix quickly restores faded photos with one touch
- Digital Ice technology removes dust particles and scratches from images
- Energy-efficient LED light eliminates warm-up time while allowing faster scans
- 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Epson V700 vs V500
Both Epson V700 and V500 are totally different appliances, they are targeted to different type of user. Price is also substantially different. V700 is semi-pro level, V500 is definitely consumer level. The illumination is fluorescent lamp for V700 and white LEDS for V500. On the paper they seem to have same resolution but the sensors are totally different with the V700 one being substantially better. The declared DMAX is 4 for V700 and 3,4 for V500, we absolutely suspect these data are quite optimistic but still V700 is the winner. The V700 is capable of doing up to 2 4×5″ sheets, while the V500 stops at 6×12.

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