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Epson V550 vs Canon 9000F

it is sure hard to find a good scanner to help you with your work, there are many products available in the market and it seems that most of them are quite similar to each other. To help you, who are currently looking for a documents and picture scanner, in this article we will try to compare two of famous scanner, which are Epson V550 and Canon 9000F to see which one will suit you better.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Epson V550 and Canon 9000F
– What Epson V550 and Canon 9000F can offer to you
– Epson V550 vs Canon 9000F

About Epson V550
Epson V550 is a flatbed photo scanner, the product was released back then in September 2013. The unit came with the size of a larger classic flatbed scanner with similar weight and capable of handling up to A4 documents as well as 35mm and 120mm film. The unit has a relatively high Dmax with 3.4 and has infrared dust detection and the maximum resolution it can scan is 6400dpi. The unit also comes with a film holder that will ensure you getting accurate scans for the first time and eliminating the guesswork of film scanning by automatically separating multiple frames into separate files. It also bundled with Epson Easy Photo Scan Software, so you can directly upload and share your photo to Facebook, Picasa or cloud. (See also our comparison between : Epson V600 vs V550)

Epson V550 Features
The combined film and slide holder is pretty easy to use, even though the plastic frame used to retain the film looks somewhat flimsy. The slides are loaded using a frame when using scanner glass. The tabs placed on the side of the frame is used to keep their alignment on the main scanner bed. The unit has a dust removal software and separate ICE technology, color restoration and film grain equalization.

In the film scanning, it is not clear what kind of filter the V550 used. Negative scans only require you to select from color and black/white film types. However the automatic color compensation will not work equally in thin negatives, but you can use histogram to easily fix this manually. Because of the diffused light source on this V550, the result might not as sharp as film scanners. However this can be an advantage, since fine scratches and blemishes do not show. The scanning process using this V550 is pretty slow in high resolution and using the processing options.

In the V550 professional mode, you can use up to 12 negative frames that you would like to adjust individually for color correction and resolution and then scan them in batch mode. The dust removal mentioned above also perform really well and also able to remove minor scratches.

About Canon 9000F
Taken from pcmag, the Canon 9000F is one of recently released high-end flatbed scanner in few last years. This version hold resemblance both in appearance and performance to the 8800F. The 9000F done an impressive job with photographic prints, but performs less impressive when handling films both slides and negatives. This scanner is able to serve the general purpose of scanner on both documents and photos. The 9000F even comes with software intended for optical character recognition. This unit is clearly focused in photos with features that include restoring faded colors in photos and removing dust and grains digitally.

At the unit you can find the buttons to operate the scanner, including the copy, email, and four PDF related buttons, one for scanning color, one for black and white, one custom button to define the settings and one finish button. If you want to scan multiple sheet into PDF file, you have to set each individual page on the flatbed and then press the appropriate PDF scan button each time, after you are done then press the finish button.

The last and most interesting is the auto scan button. This feature will automatically identifies the type of document or photo you placed in the scanner and then scan and save it with the factory default setting. However if you prefer to choose your own setting, the Twain driver will provide you with a lot of choices, such as the ability to adjust color by picking the one you like the most. Other option will let you restore color to faded photos, remove dust, remove grain and you also correct backlighting issues.

Epson V550 vs Canon 9000F

- Scanner Type: Flatbed color scanner with TPU, Optical Resolution: 6400 dpi with Epson MatrixCCD
- Hardware Resolution: 6400 x 9600 dpi with Micro Step Drive technology, Maximum Resolution: 12,800 dpi
- Effective Pixels: 54,400 x 74,880 (6400 dpi), Color Bit Depth: 48-bit internal / external
- Grayscale Bit Depth: 16-bit internal / external, Optical Density: 3.4 Dmax
- Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition and Mac OS X 10.5.x - 10.8.x
- My Image Garden Software handles photo and document scanning and organizes your files in a simple and friendly way so you can get the most out of them
- FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) Level 3: This built-in retouching technology delivers automatic correction to photos and film, removing much of the dust and scratches while restoring their color, all at the same time
- Zero warm-up time and offers lower power consumption with super-efficient white LEDs
- Auto Scan Mode automatically adjusts settings by detecting what you're scanning
- OS Compatibility : Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X v10.6.8 to 10.7

You should notice that what we have been talk above is the Canon 9000F instead of its newer version the 9000F MK II. Both of them has similar hardware but different software. Go back to our comparison between Epson V550 and Canon 9000F, it is pretty tough to decide which on is better than the other. Both of them is able to scan maximum 215.9 x 297.18mm2. However the V550 has greater bit depth grayscale, which means that the higher the bit depth, the greater number of grayscales the system able to scan. However if you are going to do many automated scan, we think that the 9000F will be a better option, since the rival doesn’t come with the auto scan mode feature.

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