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Doxie One vs. Doxie Go

Have you ever wished for a device that can be brought easily anywhere and anytime to scan your important documents as immediate as possible? If so, then you are in need of a decent portable scanner. A portable scanner pretty much functions like a regular scanner, except that it comes in a much more compact size that you can easily slip it into your bag. Now, if you have decided to arm yourself with a budget-friendly portable speaker, Doxie would be glad to offer you their Doxie One and Doxie Go. These are portable scanners available just under one hundred and fifty bucks. Nonetheless, Doxie Go’s price is a little bit higher than Doxie One’s price by a few dollars. Thus, which model should you choose for the best value?

Doxie One vs. Doxie Go

The primary reason of why you would love either Doxie One or Doxie Go is that they are both standalone mobile scanners that allow you to scan documents without needing a computer connection. Going paperless has never been as easy! You simply insert a piece of paper that you wish to digitalize into the device, and it will scan and store the file. Quite interestingly, both models are able to work in pretty much similar speeds. Both Doxie One and Doxie Go can scan documents in each own maximum quality within 8 seconds only! Such pace is certainly fast.

However, Doxie Go has a higher scan resolution than Doxie One. Doxie Go scans in 600 dpi, which is certainly enough for most casual and professional needs. Meanwhile, Doxie One only scans in 300 dpi. As the effect, Doxie Go’s images are indeed sharper and more detailed than Doxie One’s. The higher the resolution, the less likely the image to blur if zoomed.

Additionally, Doxie Go has a larger input slot than Doxie One. The difference is quite crucial, as Doxie Go is able to take up legal-sized papers while Doxie One is not.

Both models have built-in OCR feature that is very powerful and handy to create searchable PDFs. With the feature, you will be able to handle the output files as if they contain real digital characters. You can search, select, and copy the characters. Furthermore, both models have built-in wireless connectivity so that you can easily transfer your files to a cloud network. Both models also have memory card slots.

However, only Doxie Go that has built-in memory. Doxie Go has a built-in memory that can contain up to 300 pages or 1,200 photos, with a memory card slot and a USB flash drive port for additional storage. On the other hand, Doxie One does not have internal memory but comes with a 2GB SD card. Doxie Go can also work with battery.

- Simple, standalone mobile scanner lets you scan paper anywhere in your home or office - no computer required
- Scans full color sheets at 300 dpi in just 8 seconds
- Doxie app included - amazing scanners deserve amazing software. Doxie software for your computer syncs scans, creates multi-page searchable PDFs with OCR, and sends directly to your favorite apps
- Works with iPad via Apple SD Card Reader accessory (sold separately)
- Included worldwide power adapter and 2GB SD memory card for storing scans
- Doxie Go delivers smart and simple scanning you can take anywhere - no computer required
- Portable scanner that works cordlessly, thanks to a built-in rechargeable battery and memory. Store up to 300 pages (1,200 photos), or insert an SD card / USB flash drive for additional storage
- Doxie's tiny size makes it easy to scan documents at your desk or on the go - just insert your paper. Scan full color pages in just 8 seconds at up to 600 dpi
- Award-winning ABBYY® OCR technology recognizes the text in your document and creates multi-page searchable PDFs
- Doxie app included: Amazing scanners deserve amazing software. Doxie 2.0 syncs scans, creates multi-page PDFs, and sends directly to your favorite apps

Doxie One vs. Doxie Go
Doxie Go comes with an output quality equal to twice of Doxie One’s. This is already a very strong reason to choose Doxie Go. In addition, Doxie Go is compatible with more paper sizes, and the battery feature is certainly a huge plus point. Therefore, you should choose Doxie Go!

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