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Doxie Go vs. Doxie Go Plus

The Doxie Go Products have made their mark in the portable document scanning market with lots of people borrowing a friend’s to try out and then ending up buying their own. The Doxie-Go & the Doxie-Go Plus models function the same way – scanning documents, – the differences are in the results. The second model obviously works better than the first as is always the case, but there are some finer points of difference that might make you prefer one over the other so join me as I take you through the comprehensive doxie go vs doxie go plus review.

Doxie Go vs. Doxie Go Plus

“Smart and simple” is the way people have described the Doxie Go against the Doxie-Go Plus. It functions beautifully whether you feed it a clean, smooth page, or whether it is a crumpled up receipt or torn piece of paper – anything goes and scans in a perfectly good readable format to whatever app you have selected from its software. This kind of precision is not seen in the Doxie-Go Plus and because it is small machine, you can carry it anywhere with you – even to watch your kid’s sports match – you can use it in your car it is so adaptable.

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The Doxie-Go Plus obviously has bigger and better features than the previous model, and it comes with a power adapter setup which was sorely missed with the first application. Customer satisfaction surveys have reached new heights with one very happy scanner saying, they had taken care of his minor concerns beyond what he had ever expected from any manufacturer. And they brought out a sturdier case in which to keep the scanner – after all it has to be protected from getting broken.

- Doxie Go Wi-Fi delivers smarter portable scanning you can take and sync anywhere - no computer required - with rechargeable battery, memory, integrated Wi-Fi, and included Doxie Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad apps.
- Scan documents at your desk or on the go with Wi-Fi and Doxie's included apps. Simply insert your paper and scan full color pages in just 10 seconds at up to 600 dpi.
- Doxie is a fully portable scanner - with built-in battery and internal memory. Doxie's tiny size - the size of a rolled up magazine - stores an amazing 1,800 pages (or 7,200 photos) before needing to sync.
- Included Doxie apps sync your scans to your Mac, PC, iPhone, or iPad. Sync scans via Wi-Fi to your desktop to organize, save, and create searchable multi-page PDFs with award-winning ABBYY® OCR technology to recognize the text in your document.
- Built as the next generation of the original Doxie Go, Doxie Go Wi-Fi has 3x the battery life, 4x the internal memory, improved feeding, higher quality scans, and includes a power adapter - enabling Doxie's all new one minute setup.
- Doxie Go Plus is the next generation portable document scanner you can take anywhere - no computer required.
- Doxie's tiny size makes it easy to scan documents at your desk or on the go - simply insert your paper and scan full color pages in just 8 seconds at up to 600 dpi.
- Unlike traditional scanners, Doxie is a fully portable document, receipt, and photo scanner with a built-in rechargeable battery and internal memory. It's tiny - the size of a rolled up magazine.
- Included Doxie app syncs scans, sends directly to your favorite apps, and uses the award-winning ABBYY® OCR technology to recognize the text in your document to create multi-page searchable PDFs.
- Doxie Go Plus is the next generation of Doxie Go with 3x the battery life, improved feeding, and higher quality scans. And now, with an included power adapter setup is quick and easy, taking only a minute to get scanning.

Doxie Go vs. Doxie Go Plus
So the most popular feature seems to be the simplicity and the ease of use for both models, and the fact that no paper is required. However, the cherry on top has to be the Doxie-Go Plus. The only thing that might detract from its features is the price – $30 dollars more than the Doxie Go. But for those extra dollars you getting more features, faster scanning and better sized scanning. At the end of the day you have to work out what is important to you and which features you need the most. Therefore, this doxie go vs doxie go plus review puts the Doxie-Go Plus as a personal choice.

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