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Doxie Flip vs Flip Pal

There are many types of photo, files, or document scanners to compare. When you are preserving and safeguarding your memories like your children’s early years of precious memories, preparing for natural disaster, creating a high quality scrapbook, or collecting one-of-a-kind fragile documents for your family history, makes sure you can select a device that produces the accurate image quality you will need in the future. By the way, we are going to make Doxie Flip vs Flip Pal as a purpose to help people out there who want a better scanner but do not know or even know a little information about these products.

Doxie Flip vs Flip Pal

Doxie Flip
The Doxie Flip’ scanner’s shape is small flatbed that runs on batteries for true portability. The Doxie Flip is also compact and cute, but looks like a traditional flatbed scanner, right down to the flip up lid. The size of foot print is 10.23 x 6.46 x 1.34” (26.0 x 16.4 x 31.4 cm) and the weight is 1.26 lbs which is small and light enough to carry with you where ever and whenever you go. On the right side of the scanner, it has the power switch, scan button and SD card slot. There is also 4GB SD card is included with the Doxie Flip. You can use the Doxie Flip to scan postcards, index cards, coins, stamps, pictures, etc, is fun and easy using the top scanning surface. But you must know that it becomes more powerful and fun to use when you remove the lid and flip the scanner over. The Doxie has been designed so you can see through it especially when you need to scan something large, you can remove the lid, flip it over and place the scanner over the item you wish it scan.

Flip Pal
The Flip-Pal is a lightweight battery operated mobile scanner, by using this, you can easily scan and preserve photos, memories, artwork, school work, newspapers, and even small objects like coins. The features flip-and-scan technology are including: remove the lid, flip the scanner over and place it on the original. Battery is operated, wireless, and small enough to fit in your bag so it can be anywhere with you. Flip-Pal scans directly to standard SD memory cards (as in your digital camera), which can then be inserted directly into your computer or card reader. A removable cover means you can photograph while they’re still in the album, scan the art work on the classroom wall, or the photo behind the frame glass. With easy-to-enter software, you can scan larger items and ‘sew’ pictures together into one large scan. Flip-Pal is so light, easy to carry family reunions or grandparent’s house to preserve memories. And with removable lids you can scan directly from gram album or photo without light reflection or distortion.

- Scan your story with Doxie Flip, the ultra-mobile flatbed scanner perfectly designed for photos, memories, albums, sketches, creative ideas, and pocket notebooks
- Doxie is lightweight and portable – about the size of a book – with batteries and memory so you can scan anywhere, no computer required
- A unique removable lid lets you flip Doxie over and place it directly on your originals
- The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is the world's original scanner for photos, large and fragile documents, and cherished memorabilia that does not require a computer to operate
- Transform images into endearing stories. StoryScans software combines the recorded voice of the storyteller and the scan into a single file that is both small and High Definition
- Keep your memories safe using patented flip-and-scan technology

Doxie Flip vs Flip Pal
If you want to have more features like scan preview, wireless, portability, and etc. Flip Pal is better choice for you, knowing that the price is similar to each other. Why? Because, Flip Pal has some features that Doxie Flip can not do.

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