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Dell Optiplex 745 vs 755

Are you looking for a reliable desktop computer that has a small and compact form factor? Then you should take a look at Dell Optiplex models. Dell Optiplex is a series of desktop computers that are designed specially for corporate, government, and education markets. Even so, it doesn’t stop you from utilizing these cool models for other purposes that require a compact and portable desktop computer. Some of the latest models are Dell Optiplex 745 and Dell Optiplex 755. What are the differences between them? Which one should you choose?


In terms of design, Dell Optiplex 745 and Dell Optiplex 755 are indeed quite similar to each other. They come with similar chassis choices. Minitower, desktop, small form factor, and ultra small form factor variants are available. However, you should keep in mind that the USFF variant of either model only comes with two DIMM slots and only supports up to 4GB memory. In addition, Dell Optiplex 745 USFF also does not support 2GB DDR2 800 memory units. A 2GB DDR2 800 memory unit will slow down to 667. Dell Optiplex 755 does not have such limitation. The chassis has been built to be very solid and rugged. Excluding the limitations mentioned above, both Dell Optiplex 745 and Dell Optiplex 755 support memory capacity up to 8 GB. Dell Optiplex 745 supports DDR2 553, 667, and 800. Dell Optiplex 755 supports DDR2 667 and 800. The possibility that you would need the obsolete DDR2 553 support is very low. Quite interestingly, though, Dell Optiplex 745 comes with more USB ports than Dell Optiplex 755. Dell Optiplex 745 features eight ports whereas Dell Optiplex 755 only has seven, two of which are located on the front.

Both models support similar CPU models, but, more often than not you will find Dell Optiplex 755 to be equipped with newer or higher processors. This is because Dell Optiplex 755 has bigger FSB, which means that it is able to transport and process more data faster than Dell Optiplex 745. Dell Optiplex 745’s FSB is only 533/800/1066 MHz, whilst Dell Optiplex 755 has upgraded the FSB to be 800/1066/1333 MHz. The larger FSB can translate into a significant difference in performance. In addition, Dell Optiplex 745 comes with Intel 965 Express chipset, which is a lower chipset compared to Dell Optiplex 755’s Intel Q35 Express.

- 160GB 7,200 RPM SATA Hard Drive
- 2GB DDR2 Dual Interlaced Ram Memory
- Onboard Sound and VGA Video, Onboard NIC
- Windows XP Professional SP3 Pre-Loaded
- Super Fast Intel 2.13 Core2 Duo Processor
- Extremely Fast 2GB DDR2 Memory
- Gigantic 80GB SATA Hard Drive
- Crystal Clear VGA Video

Dell Optiplex 745 vs 755
For the best performance, we recommend you to choose Dell Optiplex 755, which has bigger FSB. It also has a better chipset. Thus, it has better overall processing speed compared to Dell Optiplex 745.

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