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Dell E525W vs. MF8280CW

The quality of a printer defines its end product. When making a choice about the best printer that best suits your company or business, you will be presented with several choices. You need to make the perfect decision. In this context we are going to compare Dell E525W vs. MF8280CW. Let us look at the facts for each of them.

Dell E525W vs. MF8280CW

Both printers have the same paper handling capacity of 150 sheet input tray. The MF8280CW can print 14 pages per minute (ppm) for both black and white as well as color printing while Dell E525W prints 18 pages per minute for both color and monochrome. The MF8280CW has a 50 page (ADF) automatic document feeder while the Dell E525W is supplemented by a 15 page ADF.

The MF8280CW can handle less multi-page documents with legal-size pages compared to Dell E525W which can handle more documents. The MF8280CW weighs 57.3 pounds and is quite big hence in case you want to relocate, you need to seek help from people while the Dell E525W weighs only 36 pounds and quite tiny hence it can accommodate a small spaced area.

Dell E525W gives better output quality texts and graphics compared to MF8280CW. In addition, Dell can print from and scan to a selection of websites by giving the command directly to the cloud though your network. MF8280CW offer this capability but you have to give the commands from the front panel for successful printing. The MF8280CW offers long pre-processing time compared to Dell which takes only 25 seconds. Dell has a 20 character LCD input while the MF8280CW does not.

- Wireless and mobile printing capability
- Up to 600 dpi (dots per inch) for good print quality
- Laser printers are best for high-volume printing
- Black and color cartridges
- More print, copy, scan and fax solutions
- Wireless connectivity Air Print, Google Cloud Print, Wi-Fi
- Easily access the scan, eco-copy, and secure print functions right from the control panel with the Simple Solution Keys
- Navigate through all features seamlessly with the 7-line color LCD display
- Print in black and white and color up to 14 pages per minute
- Send scanned documents and forward received faxes to a recipient through email or file server

Dell E525W vs. MF8280CW
In summary if you are making a purchasing decision between Dell E525W vs. MF8280CW, then Dell E525W would be the best choice. It’s a multi-function printer with more automatic document feeder, high speed, higher-quality text and graphics. Furthermore, it gives better quality output and is a fine laser-class printer.

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