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Canon Pixma IP110 vs HP Officejet 200

This era is the time for mobile era. Everything which is mobile must be being the most wanted things nowadays. Easier life is one of the bigger reasons. Because mobile means convenient, easy and flexible, people tend to prefer mobile version to the regular version. Start from mobile phone, mobile wristwatch, mobile computer as well-known as Laptop, until mobile printers.

Again, this current needed push lots IT company to always improve their product. Lots new and futuristic tools are upgrading every second each day, such as mobile printers. Just like regular printer, this kind of product looks similar for its function, but sure this is mobile. In case, this mobile printer must be more convenient to anybody, especially mobile people who is mobile and work mobile.  

Here, we are going to get you know more about mobile printers coming from Canon Pixma IP110 dan HP Officejet 200, seeing by:

  1. How convenient it is?
  2. How excellent the features provide?
  3. How does the specification?
  4. Is it worth the price?
  5. Is there product warranty?

Now, let’s talk a bit deeper.

Canon Pixma IP110

Are you wishing for energy-efficient products? If so, this Canon Pixma IP110 is totally right for you. Canon Pixma IP110 is a mobile printer that provides energy saving technology. In fact, this product has fulfilled the qualifications of Energy Star. With Auto Power On/Off switcher, the printer can automatically turn on when documents are sent and turn off when not in use. Well, you also do not need to put in some papers every time you want to print. This product can hold a lot of papers inside at once. Save your energy while saving your time, don’t they?

  • Convenient

This breakthrough tools, surely classify as a convenient tool. How come? The size of this product which fits to your bag. Even just a bit thicker than your Laptop proves how convenient it is. Means that you may bring this product anywhere, carry it in your bag or put it in your car, then you may print out your work and sheets in the café, in your friend’s lodging house even in your classroom.

  • Features

Economical features which is provided by this Canon Pixma IP110 become one of its main superiority. Black Ink Save feature possible the users to save their black ink, for more economical and effective usage of black ink. However, when your printer is out of black ink unconditionally, Black Ink Composite feature possible the users to print by composing other color properly by itself to compose black color. This feature is needed for urgent situation.

  • Specification

Coming with print speed up to 5.8ipm for color (ISO) and 9.0ipm for black (Mono) could be classify as a fast speed, even not as fast as the regular printers. This printer is connected to any devices like Windows, IOS and Android. Means that you might connect this mobile printer Canon Pixma IP110 with both your laptop and mobile phone, using wireless or another supported Apps. Pixma Cloud Apps which is linked to any other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and many more, possible the user to print the file downloaded directly from its source.

Furthermore, it is connected to Yahoo email and Google Email. Mode Access Point which is available in this product also possible the users to connect their devices (laptop or mobile phone) to the printer without network. So, if you are out of Network, you are still able to connect them two. What’s more? If your camera is provided by DPS over IP, called Wireless Pick Bridge Protocol, possible the users to print out their photo directly from your camera without moving it to your device first.

  • Price

This Canon Pixma IP110 cost $149.00 for online shipping. This is worth the price, even classify as a cheap product compare for the same product coming from the other brand. 

  • Warranty

There is no further information about the product warranty. Even I could not find in its official website. So, I cannot make sure about product warranty of this Canon Pixma IP110 is included, or not. But I wish that Canon provides its product with warranty. Anyway, if you do not mind this, it is still fun. Even me, do not really mind this. 

HP Officejet 200

In case of easiness to be carried anywhere and the quality of the printer, what is important for a mobile printer is the battery’s durability. So that, you will not need to frequently recharge the battery. This HP Officejet 200 product can overcome the discomfort of those who is hectic and often use printers and don’t have much time to monitor even recharge the batteries.

  • Convenient

The same convenient as the product before. Slim and easy carried. Both are dominated with black color which looks elegant and stylish. For this part, both are legit. 

  • Features

The first superiority feature who will help you is its capability of strong battery endurance. So, this HP Officejet 200 can be used for long time. This is what is not available in the previous version, which is Canon Pixma IP110. What’s more? HP Officejet 200 fast charging feature will be increasingly satisfied you. This feature possible faster and more efficient of the users. Also help you who could not find any plugs source around because you can refill the battery in the car.

  • Specification

Coming with print speed up to 18ppm for color (ISO) and 17ppm for black (draft), which is much faster than the previous version Canon Pixma IP110 surely save your time. This printer is also connected to any devices, such as Windows, IOS and Android. Moreover, its capability of On-The-Go printing, which provides by HP ePrint apps, possible the users to print without network. The same specification as the previous one. Unfortunately, Wireless Pick Bridge is not available. So, you need to connect it to your mobile phone or laptop first. 

  • Price

This HP Officejet 200 cost $161.92 for online shipping. This is more expensive compare to the previous printer Canon Pixma IP110. Even it still classifies as a cheap product compare for the same product coming from the other brand. Is it worth? Yes, it is. But the previous one is best price. 

  • Warranty

For sure, this HP Officejet 200 is included with one-year warranty. This is one of lots consideration of many people before purchasing anything. This kind of service ensure customers that even the company itself ensure that their product is truly good by giving warranty. Also, makes the customers believe that what will they buy is guaranteed. Unfortunately, this kind of warranty information could not be found in the previous product.

Canon Pixma IP110 vs HP Officejet 200 

- Printer Type: Photo Printer
- Print Speed (up to): 4" x 6" borderless photo: approx. 53 secondsBlack:ESAT Approx: 9.0 ipmColor:ESAT Approx: 5.8 ipm
- Number of Nozzles: Black: 320Color: 1536Total: 1856
- Print Resolution (Up to): Black:600 x 600 dpi Color:9600 x 2400 dpi
- Bring home reliable performance for practically any project
- Make an impact - get laser-quality documents with crisp text
- Original HP Cartridge Yield (approx): ~600 pages Black, ~415 pages Tri-color
- Main functions of this color inkjet printer: reliable color and monochrome printing, wireless printing, manual duplexing, and more


Both are offering excellent and superiority features and specification. One comes with a cheaper price but no warranty, one comes more expensive with warranty, in line that the second one has faster print speed. I personally prefer the first one, seeing that the features are more various on the first one, even the specification looks almost similar. Back to your budget, if you have lower budget, Canon Pixma IP110 is a best deal for you.  

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