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Canon IVY vs Kodak Mini 2

Digital file is convenient for storing and transporting but to enjoy them better, we need to transform them into physical form such as from image file into a real image printed on paper. If you love traveling and prefer to have a physical form of your pictures conveniently, Canon IVY vs Kodak Mini 2 are two great compact printers to consider. They are easy to carry and reliable in terms of performance but, see what exactly they can offer before shopping for one below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Do you need a Pocket Printer
– What are Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2
– What Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 Look Like
– How are the Printing Quality of Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2
– Do Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 need Ink Cartridge
– How are the App of Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2
– Canon IVY Vs Kodak Mini 2

Pocket Printer

Almost all of us loves taking pictures be it a self-portrait or a picture of a subject like foods and animals because they are first, fun, and second shareable for wider audience to enjoy as well and in case you are also an enthusiast, we can submit them for critical review. However, for most of us, social media is the best reason to take them because we can post almost anything there. Besides for personal satisfaction, it may attract people with the same interest and broaden your channel as well.

Camera and smartphone that integrate capable cameras in their system are very popular nowadays despite the expensive price tag because people loves taking pictures. In fact, when we are typing this article, one of our co-worker is currently doing some morning selfies in the next cubicle and it seems people are getting more and more comfortable with this piece of technology and always connected world. Taking pictures is one activity but transforming them is another story because we will need another piece of tool to complete the process.

Digital files are easy to maintain because even after years they will stay the same as long as kept properly but to enjoy them better, we need to transform the file into a physical form and if it is a picture then what we want is the printed form. Digital file, the main device, and printer are playing a crucial part in transforming image into real on-paper picture but as you may already know, printing is not something we can do just anywhere for the bulky devices.

It can be inconvenient sometimes to wait to arrive at home first just to print a picture we have taken while in a prolonged trip which is why we have what often called as compact printer or pocket printer today. As the name suggests they are meant to be the companion of traveler of people who love to take pictures and need to print them in an instant because the tool will let us print anytime, anywhere as long as we have the smartphone and paper.

Talking about whether it is going to be worth the price or not, the answer may vary from one person to another because we personally don’t travel much and don’t need to print pictures often. Pocket printer itself is a complementary device to complete your setup and add convenience but not a crucial item. Besides the convenience, depending on the device capability, many of them can print fast and have good printing quality as well.

 Canon IVY Kodak Mini 2
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Package Dimensions 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches
1 x 3 x 5.2 inches
Item Weight 9.6 ounces11.2 ounces

About Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2

If you often go traveling or in a trip often and need a device that can replace the function of polaroid but better in terms of convenience and ease of use, a pocket printer is a great device to consider. They are offered by lots of companies today, mostly those who are playing in the printing and camera industry but not all of them are equally reliable. In addition, while there are many reliable and cheaper models, those in the upper markets are generally more promising.

Among those vast options, Canon and Kodak are two ideal choice to consider because both of them have been in the industry for quite some time already and well-known to have reliable products that relate to photo creation and printing technology. They also carry few options for the pocket printer collections that may suit your taste or useful for printing on the go. Price wise, many are competitive and affordable for those who look for an additional accessories for their printing needs.

If you need the type that can be carried easily in a sling bag or purse, Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 are two nice choices from these brands respectively and they are also loved by most users due to the convenience and reliability. But, in general, we can’t say that their image quality or result will be on par with those printed with a full size, dedicated photo printer because with the small body and compact system, we also have to sacrifice some of the best things about image printing.

Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 are similar to each other but also different because while the former is geared more towards people who want a quick or instant solution for photo printing on the go, it seems that Kodak is designing their compact printer to be more of a companion for amateur photographer or beginners who want to get the physical form of their work anytime, anywhere. For professional, none of them may seem interesting but for casual users, they are very fun and useful to have, especially if you love instant camera as well.

Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 Design

From the aesthetic side, these printers are petite and pretty, very similar to a portable hard disk that we often carry around to provide extra storage for our laptop. Starting with IVY, this tiny printer is measured only at 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches, has a flat design and weigh around 5 ounces, making it easy to carry in your purse or hoodie pocket. In the inside this printer carry 500mAH battery which charge for about 90 minutes and can get you approximately 20 sheets. See also: Canon Selphy CP1300 Vs HP Sprocket.

Similarly, the Mini 2 from Kodak is also petite and compact with rectangular design and smooth edges measured at 3 x 5.1 x 1 inches while weighing about 8.4 ounces. The one in our article is white but if you prefer something subtler there is a black version of this printer as well. Inside this printer there is a 620 mAh Lithium Ion battery and will take about the same time as IVY to full charge as well as print approximately 20 sheets before running out of juice.

Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 Print Quality

The most important part of a printer, be it a full sized ones of a compact version like Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2, is printing quality for we want them to be the best as possible. Starting with IVY, this printer is going to deliver a resolution of 314 x 400 dpi which is standard for a model in this size and it will print your images on 2-by-3 sticker paper. This medium is smudge free and water resistant as well thus, they don’t make it like a cheap things we can throw away easily.

On the other side, the Mini 2 from Kodak is delivering an image size in the size of a credit card or 2.1 x 3.4 inches to be exact with a print resolution of 300 x 300 dpi while the 4Pass printing technology is claimed to be able to print up to 256 gradations of 16.7 million colors. The paper itself is very high quality and thick with water and fingerprint resistant feature. As for the speed, on average this printer need 50 seconds to finish very similar to IVY.

Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 System

Besides the printing quality, we also want to talk about their system because Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 are quite different in this side. For those who read our Canon SelphyCP1300 VS HP Sprocket, Canon use ZINK or Zero Ink system for the pocket printer and this is the same of what IVY use so in short there is no ink tank, cartridge, or slot in this model because everything is put in the paper already and the printer job is activating the commanded color to create the photo.

On the other hand, Kodak is using their own ink and cartridge as well as paper in which we have to replace once they have run out. The accessory ribbon and its paper cartridge itself is available in 20, 30, and 50 packs.

Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 App

The last thing we want to mention is the app coming with or suitable with these printer because both of them have dedicated app to view, edit, and even bring other files from we to be printed in your printer. From ease of use none of them are complicated or confusing because if you are familiar with editing apps, then they will feel familiar as well. Our favorite is their editing features to let users personalize or play around with their photos before being printed.


Canon IVY and Kodak Mini 2 are two ideal choices for printing photos on the go because they are compact and convenient but different as well since Canon don’t need ink with its ZINK technology while Kodak still need ink with its 4Pass printing technology. Battery last around the same time and they are capable of getting the job done pretty reliably as well but quality side, real ink did win when it comes to photo quality.

Canon IVY vs Kodak Mini 2

- Print from Bluetooth and social media
- Print 2 inches x 3 inches Photos with peel and stick backing
- Super portable. Print resolution 314 x 400 dots per inch
- Easy print technology – mini smartphone printer lets you print 2. 1 x 3. 4” photos direct from Android or iOS device; No cables or buttons necessary
- Wireless connectivity – NFC one touch for Android Launches Kodak app to print in seconds; also compatible with iOS/Android via Bluetooth
- HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS – Innovative 4 PASS D2T2 Dye Transfer Method Produces Beautiful, Detailed Black/White or Color Portraits That Dry Instantly & Stay Bright Up to 10 Yrs


All in all there is no bad decision between these printers but if we are to choose, Kodak Mini 2 is a better printer for those who seek a better image quality but it will cost more as well since we need both the ink and paper cartridge as well as heavier in comparison to IVY.

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