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Brother QL 700 vs QL 570

Looking for a solid and reliable label printer? For a compact and reliable label printer, Brother can provide some of the best choices. In the following discussion, we are going to compare two Brother label printer models, Brother QL 700 and Brother QL 570. These two products are popular choices glowing with positive reviews from the users. Both are available under a hundred bucks each. However, Brother QL 700 is quite more expensive than Brother QL 570. The price difference is pretty significant, considering the price range. Continue reading below to see the detailed comparisons between Brother QL 700 and Brother QL 570.

Brother QL 700 vs QL 570

Label printers don’t need to be bulky and hefty, as they just handle relatively small paper sizes. Brother QL 570 looks nice and stylish with the curved design. The control panel is located at the front, right above the output path. The control panel has buttons for control. The label paper roll is loaded from the rear side of the device, secured by a semi-translucent cover. Meanwhile, Brother QL 700 is somewhat bigger and bulkier than Brother QL 570, though the difference is not too significant. We actually like the design of Brother QL 570 better than that of the sibling, as Brother QL 700 somehow looks fat and clumsy. It also has buttons for control, located just above the output path. The output path of Brother QL 700 is narrower, gripping the printed labels better so that the results won’t be cluttered.

Both Brother QL 700 and Brother QL 570 are compatible with die-cut and continuous tapes. The maximum tape width is 2.4”. Both connect to the computer via USB. Neither of them has an integrated connectivity option for network usage, but you can connect them to a computer in order to share them with the network via the computer. However, Brother QL 700 indeed has built-in Plug & Label software. Brother QL 570 does not come with the software.

Performance and Output Quality
Regarding the performance and output quality, Brother QL 700 is definitely the better one here. It can print 93 labels/minute, and it is able to print with a higher resolution of 300 x 600. Meanwhile, Brother QL 570 is limited to 68 labels per minute and can only print with up to 300 x 300 resolution. If you need to print graphics on the labels, you should go for the best resolution available.

- Create cost-effective paper labels for packages, envelopes, file folders, discs, banners, postage and more
- Prints pre-sized, easy-peel, rounded-corner labels
- Capable of printing postage for packages and envelopes, right from your desk
- Auto cutter provides precise cuts for printing 1 or multiple labels at a time
- Labeler produces high-resolution labels for home and business applications
- Can print at speeds up to 68 labels per minute
- 300 x 600 dpi resolution for sharp and detailed text and imagery
- Includes P-Touch Label Creation software for customized labels

Brother QL 700 vs QL 570
For light-duty use and non-graphical purposes, Brother QL 570 is sufficient. But, if you need a fast machine and better resolution for graphic printing, you should choose Brother QL 700.

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