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Brother QL 700 vs Dymo 450 Turbo

Brother QL 700 and Dymo 450 Turbo are label printers available in a similar price range. Unlike regular full-sized printers, label printers are much more compact and smaller. Label printers also don’t need to be as feature-packed as regular printers. Still, a label printer is expected to be able to deliver good print results, especially if you are going to use the label printer for making business labels. So, how do Brother QL 700 and Dymo 450 Turbo compare to each other? See the comparisons below.

Brother QL 700 vs Dymo 450 Turbo

Even though label printers are generally compact and portable, some models are bigger than the others. In this case, Brother QL 700 is quite bigger than Dymo 450 Turbo. Coming with a rectangular design, Brother QL 700 appears almost like a brick, except for the top side which slopes downward. It measures by 10.3” x 7.2” x 9.4”. The paper roll container is on the rear part of the device. On the top side, you can find the control buttons just above the output path. Despite the somewhat bulky body, it is actually very convenient to use.

On the other hand, Dymo 450 Turbo is quite smaller at 10.9” x 5.9” x 6”. It has a rather unconventional design, with an almost oval shape. There is no control button at all here. The output path is on the front side, and it will send the printed labels upward. If you print multiple labels at once and you don’t want to create a mess, you will need to take each print result manually.

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With the control buttons, Brother QL 700 becomes very easy and intuitive to use. You can control it right on the device as well as through your computer. The power button enables you to switch it on and off as needed. On the other hand, Dymo 450 Turbo needs to be controlled from the computer, and once attached to the computer, there is no way for the label printer to be turned off except by disconnecting.

Each of the two models comes with a label design software. Neither needs ink or toner because they are both using the thermal printing technology – saving some money for the operational cost. However, both of these models only print in monochrome with no color capability. Dymo 450 Turbo prints at 71 labels per minute, whereas Brother QL 700 boasts a speed of 93 labels per minute.

- Create cost-effective paper labels for packages, envelopes, file folders, discs, banners, postage and more. Ultra-fast, printing up to 93 labels per minute
- Prints pre-sized, easy-peel, rounded-corner labels. Also prints on continuous-length paper and film tapes for banners and signs up to 3 ft. long
- Capable of printing postage for packages and envelopes, right from your desk
- Convenient, drop-in rolls. No ink or toner needed
- Auto cutter provides precise cuts for printing 1 or multiple labels at a time
- Create and print up to 71 address, shipping, file folder and barcode labels, name badges and more per minute.
- Use included DYMO Stamps software to print USPS-approved postage directly from your desktop - without fees, contracts or monthly commitments.
- Thermal printing technology eliminates the need for expensive ink or toner
- Connect to PC or Mac, and you're ready to print labels right from Word, Excel, Outlook, QuickBooks and other programs
- Compatible with Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.9 or later

Brother QL 700 vs Dymo 450 Turbo
Brother QL 700 has proven to be the superior product. It has better design and features, as well as higher printing speed.

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