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Brother MFC J995DW Vs MFC J805DW

Printing machines with inkjet technology have high quality for printing photos and documents. Photos and documents printed with this printer will be durable and rich in color. Various well-known and widely used inkjet printer manufacturers are Canon, Epson, Brother, and HP (Hewlett-Packard).

Each manufacturer has different types of inkjet printers, different types of paper, and inks that are suitable for use. This time we will explain how to choose the best inkjet printer you can possibly have.

Choosing an inkjet printer is not a difficult thing, but we also need to pay attention to some of the requirements that a printer machine must have. You will need to consider the price, the quality of the printout, the type of printer connection, and so on.

Most inkjet printers use two types of ink, namely dye-based ink and pigment ink. Dye-based inks are the most widely used in printers. Water-based, this ink is deeply absorbed into the fibers of the paper and takes quite a while to dry. The colors produced by this ink are bright and rich, perfect for printing photographs. However, this ink is not waterproof, because when it is exposed to water, the print will be in trouble.

Then, for pigment inks the color comes from a powder that is insoluble in water. This ink does not seep into the paper fibers, but only coloring on the surface. Pigment ink prints are more durable, do not fade easily when exposed to water and do not fade when exposed to light. The prints are also clearer and sharper with more solid colors. It is suitable for printing documents.

Each inkjet printer manufacturer makes printers with different ink formulations, with different color codes. You cannot use Canon ink on an Epson printer, because doing so can cause your printer to malfunction. Different inks produce different prints, with different ink characteristics and use different amounts of ink.

 Brother MFC J995DW Brother MFC J805DW
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Package Dimensions 7.7 x 13.4 x 17.1 inches17.1 x 13.4 x 7.7 inches
Item Weight 19.2 pounds21.1 pounds

In inkjet printer ink, there are four basic colors, namely blue (cyan), magenta (magenta), yellow (yellow), and black (black). Other colors are produced by mixing the four basic colors. There are also manufacturers who add two other colors, namely light blue (light cyan) and light magenta (light magenta). The printed color of a printer with 6 colors will be more beautiful than a printer with 4 colors, but the price will certainly be more expensive.

Aside from the big names we mentioned before, there’s also a brand named Brother that’s also widely known in this industry. And today, we have a chance to talk about the two of its best printers, Brother MFC J995DW and J805DW.

Brother MFC J995DW – $ 199

We’ve come to the first printer we’re gonna talk about, the Brother MFC J995DW. All we can say about this is it’s actually a better printer than J805DW in terms of printing performance. Compared to its sibling, this printer can print up to 10 pages per minute. And remember, they are 10 color prints per minute, which is amazing. It even works better for printing black and white prints. 12 prints per minute for grayscale ain’t bad either. The paper tray and auto document feeder capacity is 150 sheets and 20 sheets respectively.

What you got other than a faster printing process is the bigger LCD display, a really helpful feature for adults and senior users. The printer tries to make it simple with the operation, so anyone wouldn’t find any trouble operating it. Everything seems to be larger and clear to see. Instructions are also easy to follow.

Most printers come with wireless connections these days, and this printer is no exception. Other than Wi-fi connection, the printer is also ethernet-ready, in case you don’t have a wifi connection around.

While working as fast as possible, Brother MFC J995DW doesn’t really abandon the quality aspect. The result is actually quite surprising. Overall they are better than competitors with more accurate and detailed images, just like what professionals could do. Documents are printed clearer and without any unnecessary fuzziness that may ruin the clarity.

Works really great for document and image printing, it’s acceptable to say that MFC J995DW is a versatile, quality printer. With only a small gap of price to pay, you can get all the worthy upgrades from the previous version.

MFC J805DW – $ 159

At an affordable price, you can find the sibling, MFC J805DW at around 160 dollars. This printer just works fine for both home and office users. It’s pretty simple, and does have the acceptable printing performance.

It’s pretty obvious that this cheaper sibling would have less amazing performance compared to its higher price one. But it is capable of printing color images and documents, only with a few setbacks. Color prints will be less detailed, and a bit saturated. Documents on the other hand also look a bit less detailed and sometimes you may notice the fuzziness here and there. But in general, the results from this printer are still pretty acceptable.

It’s printing performance is decent enough, 12 pages per minute for grayscale prints, and 6 pages for colors. Not bad at all actually, especially with other features present as well like scanning and copying documents.

Paper tray and auto feeder capacity is just the same as its sibling, 150 sheets and 20 sheets. But about the LCD, it’s a bit smaller. Everything seems to be visible within the small 1.8 inches screen. And this printer has wifi connection, so you may connect your devices to it with much ease.

In the end, if you’re looking for a printer that’s capable of printing documents or pictures (with few minors) without any bigger expectations, JW805DW can still be a choice. Read also: Canon Canoscan 9000F MK II vs Epson V800.

Brother MFC J995DW Vs MFC J805DW

- Up to 1 year of ink in box: Using the MFCJ995DW cartridges provided, get exceptional savings and uninterrupted printing for up to 1 year(1)
- Inkvestment tank system: Reengineered ink cartridges hold more ink and work with an internal ink storage tank to deliver uninterrupted printing. Operating System Compatibility- PC-Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 Mac- OS X v10.11.6, 10.12.x, 10.13.x
- Eliminate ink replacement guesswork: Brother intelligent Page Gauge(2) lets you know the amount of ink you’ve used and the amount remaining
- Mobile device printing: Desktop and mobile device wireless printing using AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother and Wi Fi Direct(3)
- UP TO 1-YEAR OF INK IN-BOX: Experience truly uninterrupted printing, exceptional savings and super convenience with up to one year of ink, based on printing approximately 150 pages per month, using only the cartridges provided in-box. (1)
- REVOLUTIONARY INKVESTMENT TANK SYSTEM: Brother Investment Tank inkjet all-in-one printers feature reengineered ink cartridges that hold more ink and work with an internal ink storage tank to deliver uninterrupted printing.
- ELIMINATE INK REPLACEMENT GUESSWORK: You can print with confidence using the Brother Page Gauge to help take the guesswork out of when to replace ink. The Brother Page Gauge(2) is a visual, numerical way to know the amount of ink you’ve used and the amount of ink you have remaining.
- ENJOY MOBILE DEVICE PRINTING: Print and scan wirelessly from your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Desktop and mobile device wireless printing using Air Print , Google Cloud Print , Brother and Wi-Fi Direct . (3). Minimum Paper Width/Length (Paper Tray)-4 x 6 inches. Maximum Paper Width/Length (Paper Tray)-8.5 x 14 inches. Duplex Copying and Duplex Scanning-No. Duplex Printing Capability-Yes


If you’re seeing the price as not a troublesome issue, we’d like to recommend the MFC J995DW more. The benefits you’ll get from picking this great printer is faster color printing, ready for ethernet connection (great for office), and also much easier to control thanks to the bigger touchscreen.

However, the MFC J805DW is more than great for those of you who are currently looking for an affordable printer. In the end, all these printers are made by Brother who’s already known for outstanding quality.

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