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Brother MFC-J985DW vs MFC-J995DW

Printer is a necessary appliance that almost all of us need in the house or office because they will let you put a physical form of a digital documents for authentication and different purposes. For those who are looking for an all-in-one solution, Brother MFC-J985DW vs MFC-J995DW are two good models to consider from the company because they are versatile and very convenient. If you are also considering these choices, go check what they can offer below so then we can choose better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– How to Choose a Printer
– What are Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW
– What Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW Look Like
– How are the Printing Performance of Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW
– How are the Copying and Scanning Performance of Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW
– What else Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW can offer
– Brother MFC-J985DW Vs MFC-J995DW

Shopping for a Printer

Computer is a huge help and a very convenient tool to create various digital files for various purposes, be it a project for your class, a report from last meetings, or a meal plan for the whole month. Many file creators software are provided by your operating system or 3rd parties to help all of these creation process; some of them are free and some will need a constant purchase for you to continuously use. But, how we make these digital files into physical form?

Yes, the answer is by using a printer and what we meant by digital files here is limited only for documents or image because unfortunately we still cannot print a video or audio files with our current technology. A printer is a very useful appliance or tool to have in the house or office because of its sole ability to transform your file into something we can physically touch, edit, marks, and made into other products depend on what we have print and its purpose.

However, printer is widely available and there are many big names in the game along with those we rarely heard of equally offering tons of models to choose in which mostly we don’t even know how to set them apart from each other, especially those coming from the same line for many of them are built to upgrade their older models. They can keep the overall built or design but performance wise they tend to be better than the predecessor.

What you need to consider when buying anything including a printer is the purpose itself for not all of us will have the same need. Students will be sufficient with models that can print documents in standard paper like A4 or Letter but those who plan to use it in a professional establishment may need more features such as bigger paper size, a capability to scan, or even a wireless connectivity to make the printer accessible conveniently for all employees when they need to print documents.

In addition the one we used for document printing will be different to the one we used to get the glossy finish of a professionally printed photo despite they still capable to print any pictures, so if you will use them for photo printing, make sure to get a proper printer designed for the job. In addition, printer efficiency vary widely but if you are going to do a heavy load, instead of inkjet, a laser printer that is working similar to photocopier might work better for your application.

 Brother MFC-J985DW Brother MFC-J995DW
Best Offerclick hereclick here
Package Dimensions 6.8 x 13.4 x 15.7 inches
7.7 x 13.4 x 17.1 inches
Item Weight 19.45 pounds22 pounds

About Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW

If you already decide which printer type to purchase, now is the time to see what those companies are offering since there are lots of them and while the brands itself are equally carrying tons of choices for their customers, their price range may vary widely as well. If you don’t have much time to spare or want to shop conveniently, it is better to see what other similar users are purchasing since they have a higher chance to satisfy your preference as well.

Among those many huge brands offering printers for either small home application or office purposes, Brother is one of the best and trusted solutions for almost all users. Together with brands like Canon, Hp, and Epson, they are leading the printing market and when it is about quality, they are also very reliable. What we are not very fond of them is the component price because once some of them are broken, the cost is almost like getting a new one.

For those who are going to use the printer for office use and will be printing a lot including duplex double sided papers then Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW are an ideal models to consider. We are sure you have been getting recommendation here and there about these two specific printers which is in fact, close brothers but since the latter is launched not long ago, this model is said to be an upgraded version of its little brother that has been the favorite of many users, even today.

Both of them have been hailed as a cost effective printer for your business because this is what they shines the most and very reliable when it comes to fast printing documents, making them a great tool to have in your office. However, they are not perfect because as many other users have been complaining, none of Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW are made to print good quality photos so if you are going to print many photos then we have to move forward.

However, if what you are looking for is a printer that can do almost anything that we often need in an office then they will be a very useful tool to consider and another thing we love from these printers is the low cost per paper as well as easy ink refilling mechanism. Read also: Canon Selphy CP1300 Vs HP Sprocket.

Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW Design

Putting them side by side, it is easy to see which one is newer and which one is the older machine because they are quite different and we do love the newer machine with its white fashion for cleaner ambience. They are not exactly alike but also not far apart and the dimension seems to be a bit wider by half an inch and slightly taller as well but the weight is also slightly heavier and since they are enormous, it is better to allocate some room first.

As you can see on the sample picture above, Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW has a small display located at the front panel and these are the same touch-sensitive screen for convenient. Similar to many other inkjet printer, both of them are also coming with a pack of inks which is claimed to be able to last for one year or two that you can choose when purchasing them, but depending on user’s load it may last longer or faster.

Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW Printing Performance

Moving further, let’s see what these printer is capable to do and as you may have guessed, they are equally capable of printing documents, graphics, photos, scanning physical documents and copying them instantly as well as faxing since they have Wi-Fi connectivity. Overall what we often do in an all-in-one printer are possible here as well, but they have different capacities in which the older printer can only hold up to 100 sheets now is increased to 150 sheets in the new brother to lessen the refilling process.

The output paper capacity, however, stays the same or 50 sheets at once and for those who plan to print using duplexer to print on both sides, these two are also working very impressively but compared to each other, we can see that J995DW is slightly; probably about 1/3 times faster than its little brother. We can use glossy paper as well but be prepared to see a slower performance yet, in comparison to other top models, the overall speed of J995DW is impressive or among the tops.

Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW Copying and Scanning

Talking about the copy and scan speed, you can easily compare Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW together and see that the latter is actually working faster. The little brother is not unnecessarily slow as copying and scanning machine since it takes about 20 seconds to complete the process while the new model only took 15 seconds to do the same task which is very impressive. This fast pacing machine is also maintaining the quality including in black and white copying and probably the fastest today compared to similar inkjet.

Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW Feature

As for interesting feature from these brothers is the wireless connectivity and what’s nice about it is that we can use our smartphone to send documents in few extension to be directly printed in these printers. For example we can use an Android phone to send a PDF document to print but before, we have to install the Print Service plugin first before being allowed to use the feature. What’s not so attractive is this process takes so much time to complete, thus, it is better to use a direct method if you need to hurry.


Overall, Brother MFC-J985DW and MFC-J995DW are a nice printer to have in your business establishment and very reliable in terms of performance. They are very similar to each other so what we can do in the older version will be possible as well on the newer machine but in comparison, not only J995DW will carry more paper in its tray it also works faster which is in our opinion the best reason to upgrade a product.

Brother MFC-J985DW vs MFC-J995DW

- SIMPLE TO CONNECT: Versatile connection options with built in wireless, Ethernet, or connect locally to a single computer via USB interface
- MOBILE PRINTING: Print wirelessly from mobile devices(1) using AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint&Scan, Mopria and Wi Fi Direct
- CLOUD CONNECTIVITY: Print from and scan to popular Cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive,(2) directly from the MFCJ895DW
- UP TO 1 YEAR OF INK IN BOX: Using the MFCJ995DW cartridges provided, get exceptional savings and uninterrupted printing for up to 1 year(1)
- INKVESTMENT TANK SYSTEM: Reengineered ink cartridges hold more ink and work with an internal ink storage tank to deliver uninterrupted printing
- ELIMINATE INK REPLACEMENT GUESSWORK: Brother intelligent Page Gauge(2) lets you know the amount of ink you’ve used and the amount remaining


All in all there is no bad options between both of them but if you always want to get the best performing printer then we do recommend to get Brother MFC-J995DW because its working faster than the former.

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